Friday, February 10, 2012

The Brushy Mountain Enviro Show - A Love Story

Greetings Earthlings. Of course it's near Valentines Day and we're here to tell you we love Brushy Mountain in Leverett and love the fact that it's been saved from development....forever! Cinda Jones of W.D. Cowls & Kristin DeBoer, Executive Director of Kestrel Trust join us for the love fest. As usual we'll also visit this week's Fool-on-the-Hill, Meet the New Boss, and the Enviro Show Echo Chamber, as well as have a listen to the Quote of the Week, but first it's time for....Revenge of the Critters! A post-Holidaze Special: it's about those Christmas trees. Yes, we know trees aren't critters, but are mold spoors?

This week's Fool-on-the-Hill is last week's Fool-on-the-Hill. House Speaker John Boehner and the Repugnican leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives announced plans last Thursday to cut all designated funding for mass transit. With any luck the House might throw Boehner under the bus, but we doubt it (we can dream though, right?.......O wait, which far-right nut job would replace him!). So what do you suppose is behind this latest far-right assault on mass transit? Could it helicopters! Many way off the rails Teabaggers think so!

It looks like The New Boss is trying to look tough on the corporados and Big Banksters due to their assaults on the U.S. economy and all those home owners they kicked to the curb. But looks sure can be deceiving! O wait, you think this post doesn't belong on a show about the environment? Shall we talk about the limited choices faced by bankrupt citizens? families? towns? states? nations?

This week's Quote of the Week comes once again from one of Massachusetts' favorite sons, Henry David Thoreau:

"Every creature is better alive than dead, men and moose and pine trees, and he who understands it aright will rather preserve its life than destroy it."

In our Enviro Show Echo Chamber we find Senate Republicans are pushing legislation that would reverse the president's decision and grant immediate approval for the Keystone pipeline. Here's an Action Link on! And this: a 26-second tour of your planet melting down! Ugh, maybe something more upbeat? How about 300,000 organic farmers sue Monsanto in Federal Court?

"Morning in the Mountains", by Walkin' Jim Stoltz takes us to our love fest with Cinda & Kristin, then we stroll over to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Wednesday, February 15, 7pm. Ray Bradley, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Geosciences and director of the Climate System Research Center at the University of Massachusetts Amherst speaking at the Leverett Library in Leverett Center on the climate crisis: "Global Warming and Political Intimidation". (Snow date: Monday, February 27) Call: 413-548-9220

Thursday Feb 16 at 7pm in First Churches of Northampton, in the Parlor (upstairs) there will be a meeting for anybody wanting to plan a Western Massachusetts General Assembly.

Thursday, Feb. 16,7pm. Environment Massachusetts benefit at the Wendell Public Library.

Friday,February 17, Noon to 1:30. Panel on Vermont Yankee at the Sloan Theater, Greenfield Community College. DECOMMISSIONING AND ACCOUNTABILITY FOR VERMONT YANKEE NUCLEAR POWER REACTOR – A PUBLIC EDUCATIONAL FORUM. Call: (413) 367-9725

Tuesday, February 21st 7:00-8:30 an informational forum about the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant in Vernon, MA, which will be at UMASS on in the Cape Cod Lounge.
This forum is a chance to find out what’s been happening with the plant and its owner Entergy. Call: (413) 577-4253

Thursday, Feb 23, 5:30pm. Citizens Awareness Network Meeting. Solar Store of Greenfield, 2 Fiske Ave, Greenfield. Hear the latest on the fight to Shut Down ENVY. What can be done to support the PSB in their decision to withhold a CPG from ENVY? Report from the SAGE Alliance coordinating committee. Help organize local forums and house parties on decommissioning issues. Email:

Saturday, Feb 25, 9:00am to 4:00pm. Non-Violent Direct Action Training. Media Education Foundation 60 Masonic St. Northampton, MA. For more info and to register please contact: Paki Wieland: or Jeff Napolitano: or (413) 584-8975

Monday February 27, 6:30 pm to 8:00pm. Sunderland Safe Energy meeting at the Sunderland Library. Contact phone # is 774-563-9846
Find & Like on Facebook at Sunderland Safe Energy

Thursday, March 1, Noon to 3pm. Occupy Education. Umass Amherst march & direct action.
Walk out of class, meet at the Student Union steps. Occupy Education has called a national walkout and day of action for universities throughout the United States. UMass Amherst will walk out of classes at noon, converge on the student union steps, followed by a march and direct action in solidarity with Occupy Education.

Saturday, Mar 3, 9:30am to 10:00pm. Powershift. Meet at Court Square - The Greenfield town common, Greenfield. We, the people of MA, VT and NH will be marching on March 3rd to the Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor. We will gather in Court Square in Greenfield MA and depart at 9:30am for the nuclear plant in Vernon, VT. This is an estimated 6 hour walk for about 16 miles. We shall vigil for the remaining hour and will have shuttle services from Vernon to Brattleboro for our after party at 7pm. Contact:

Saturday, March 3, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Toxics Action Center 25th Anniversary event in Boston. The workshops are still being finalized. The key notespeakers are Lois Gibbs is the Executive Director of the Center for Health, Environment and Justice.

March 4, 2pm, Grace Church, Amherst for Alexandra Dawson's memorial service. If you would like to help the family with preparations, please respond to Memorial gifts may be made to Kestrel Land Trust at

On Thursday, March 15 and Friday, March 16, Arise has the great good fortune to host the Walk for a New Spring. The Walkers are focused on ending nuclear war, nuclear weapons, nuclear power plants, with a special focus on the victims of Fukushima. On Friday morning, just before the Walkers leave for their next destination, we'll have a ceremony at the Connecticut River. We are looking for haikus on the following themes: protecting the river, blessing the waters, peace, anti-nuclear-- pretty broad, really.
Send your haikus to And feel free to join us!

That is all EXCEPT we wish to take this opportunity to remind you to ....listen to your Mother!

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