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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Eco Fem Enviro Show

Greetings Earthlings. On the eve of May Day & in the wake of Earth Day, and here where we never tire of reminding you to listen to your Mother, we’ll check-in with Alison Bailey and Chris Cuomo, authors of The Feminist Philosophy Reader.This is our last show starting at 6pm on WXOJ-lp. In two weeks we'll come on at 6:30pm following Free Speech Radio news, sooooo, make note! As usual, we catch-up on the dark exploits of the patriarchal Bush regime and checkout the Enviro Show Quote of the Week, but first it’s time for..... Revenge of the Critters! Lily the fish poisons jailer!

Then it's on to The Enviro Show Quote of the Week: “You know, what’s happening in Latin America, any aggression or provocation by President Bush improves the image and the acceptance of candidates to the presidency.” - Bolivian President Evo Morales. Looks like the Empire has lost South America to the Commies! Too bad they're soooo busy spreading their mess eastward that they've overlooked their southern flank. ;)

Then it’s time for that dreadful sound again! Glen, what’s the countdown? When will we no longer read Hundreds of scientists at EPA report political interference? Nick Kristoff’s NY Times column Our Favorite Planet takes a piece out of the boy emperor and his (ahem) climate plan. ALSO, we replay a piece in the New York Times in which Terry Tempest Williams takes on Big Oil right in Darth Cheney’s backyard!

Our Enviro Show Blog Bonus: ACT NOW to stop bear poaching!

Then “Cottonwood”by Andrea Bunch, from her “Numinous” album takes us to our interview with Alison Bailey and Chris Cuomo. Maybe we all can visualize a virtual maypole and get some serious pagan rites going in the studio!

Onto the Bus Stop Billboard!

Sunday, May 4, 2008, 2:00PM to 4:00PM. Clean Water Action’s 14th Annual
Party in the Springtime. Doyle Conservation Center, Leominster, MA, 464 Abbott Avenue (off Route 2). 413-584-9830.

Sunday, May 4: The Environmental Task Force of the Hampshire Interfaith Council will present the ninth update on Environmental Legislation in the Quaker Meeting House in Northampton (43 Center Street) at 7:00 pm. Legislators present will include State Representatives: Ellen Story Peter Kocot), and John Scibak, and State Senator Stan Rosenberg. This year's update will concentrate on Massachusetts's response to climate change, toxic chemicals, water and the Environmental Bond Bill.[and maybe Cape Wind??]

Sunday May 11 11:45 - 1:45; Women’s Congress for Peace presents the Annual
MOTHER’S DAY MARCH for PEACE & JUSTICE! Beginning at 11:30 meet at Bridge Street School, Route 9 Northampton. Noon: walk through dowtown Main Street with the your signs, banners, Song and puppets.1:00 Masonic Street speakout plus!

Saturday 5/10 10 AM to Noon--Bike Rodeo at Jackson Street Elementary School
Saturday 5/10 Noon to 2 PM--Basic Bike Tune-up in Pulaski Park
Sunday 5/11 1PM to 2PM--Mother Earth Ride, Meets in Pulaski Park
Monday 5/12 7 PM (time?)--Film Screening, Forbes Library (A Sunday in Hell )
Wednesday 5/14 7AM to 10AM--Bike Breakfast, Courthouse Lawn
Wednesday 5/21 7PM--Ride of Silence (meeting place TBA)

Friday, May 16, Bike Commute Day in Amherst during Bike Commute Week
in the Pioneer Valley. Organized by MassHighway, in conjunction with the Town of Amherst and PVPC Call: 413-582-0554.

May 17 – 23; Mountain Justice Summer Camp. Harlan County, Kentucky
Our 2008 Mountain Justice Summer camp will be at the base of beautiful
Pine Mountain, with an old-growth forest and incredible hiking just
above the camp - plus live mountain music, great food, films, workshops
on coal mining and Appalachian culture, skills training, and plenty of
time for fun and relaxing.

That is all. End of story until May 13 at 6:30pm when we go all wormy on you with Dr. Lee Frelich. Until then remember: listen to your Mother! OK?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Return of the Fuelish Enviro Show

Greetings Earthlings. Well, once again David Blume author of "Alcohol Can Be A Gas!" bailed on us. We had hoped to talk about the troubled subject of gasohol/ethanol and perhaps have a look at other alternative fuels. Instead we talked with our friend David Kroodsma about the upcoming climate ride from New York to DC in September. Also we had a call-in from Molly at the Center for Biological Diversity about the troubling crash in the bat population. And, we dished out some more "chewy rhetoric" during our Darth Cheney and Enviro Show Echo Chamber segments, but first it was time for....... Revenge of the Critters! Bunny attack!

On the Enviro Show Echo chamber we checked out the Democracy Now! Interview with Raj Patel, a writer, activist, former policy analyst with Food First, formerly worked for the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, and the United Nations, who said " terms of a climate change strategy, ethanol is madness". Hmmm, what would our "guest" say about THAT? AND, adding fuel (ahem) to the fire, Paul Krugman in the New York Times gives us a look at Demon ethanol as does their editorial board. AND, checkout local pol, Peter Vickery's blog on the issue and a plan being hatched on Beacon Hill. ALSO, speaking of destroying the rainforest to grow crops, how about saving the rainforest to grow condoms!. FINALLY, our blog bonus: a link to Richie Davis’ piece in the Greenfild Recorder, River at Risk. What, no good news??

We revisited "Cars, cars, cars", by our own Liberty Cabbage Theatre Revival segwayin' into our interview with David Kroodsma.

Then came that gruesome noise! Glen, is it over yet? How come these guys are still with us?? What ecological damage will the Dark Lord and his little sock-puppet have done recently? We were sure to highlite Bobby Kennedy Jr's. The Next President's First Task [A Manifesto].

Then we stoped by the Bus Stop Billboard for a perusal of the postings:

Wednesday, April 16, 6:00 p.m. - Dr. Robert Newton a representative of the Barnes Aquifer Advisory Protection Committee will be presenting information regarding the proposed Northampton Landfill Expansion to the Easthampton City Council. The BAPAC representative will be talking about the impact of the proposed precedent setting expansion onto the Barnes Aquifer. The Easthampton City Council meeting isin the Music Room, White Brook Middle School, 200 Park Street, Easthampton, MA

Saturday April 19th from 10am - 1:30pm. The Clam is back!! Western Mass. Clamshell Alliance gathering, downstairs meeting room at the Greenfield Public Library, 402 Main Street, Greenfield. Potluck lunch. Call 978-544-3911 or Sharon at 978-544-8822.

Sunday April 20, 9:30 - 10:15 a.m., Responding to God's Call (i believe that's a collect call) and Climate Change: The Low Carbon Diet, First Congregational Church UCC, 165 Main Street, Amherst. An introduction to this opportunity to be part of the global climate change solution. Led by Jennifer Unkles and Betsy Krogh. More information at or call Betsy at 549-2846.

Sunday, April 20, 1-3pm. Earth Day Hike into the Sawmill Hills. Northampton Wildlife Committee and Nonotuck Land Fund sponsors. Meet at the parking lot behind the Arts and Industries Building and we'll carpool up to the Avis Circle Trailhead. Come celebrate Earth Day as we check vernal pools and do some trail maintenance along the way. We'll get to see lots of vernal pool activity and maybe the Pileated Woodpeckers will make an appearance!

Monday April 21. Matriots Day --- Walk, ride, run for Peace!!
Walk, bike, sing, and dance our way do peace and justice with Code Pink.
One-day walk from Barnes Airforce Base in Westfield to Westover Airforce Base in Chicopee. (details coming soon - get involved- contact us:

Thursday, April 24, 6pm. Community Conservation Forum for Leverett, Montague, New Salem, Pelham, Shutesbury & Wendell. Shutesbury Town Hall. Light dinner provided. Pre-register. Call Jay at (978)248-2118.

Friday, April 25-26, END THE WARS ABROAD AND AT HOME: CHARTING A PATH FOR 2008. A New England-Wide Conference at Tufts University - Medford, MA. Go to for latest conference and registration information. More Information: Phone: 617-497-5273

Saturday, April 26. Derrick Jensen at UMass. 2pm—Roundtable: Activism & Art, Science & the Soul; Memorial Hall, 5pm—Reading: Derrick Jensen, author of “A Language Older than Words”, and “Listening to the Land: Conversations about Nature, Culture, and Eros”; Memorial Hall, University of Massachusetts.

Sunday April 27, 7:30. "Peak Oil and How Pioneer Valley Towns Can Prepare". Franklin Patterson Hall, Hampshire College. Richard Heinberg, national expert on peak oil and author of Peak Everything. He'll be joined by Michael Klare, Hampshire College's resident expert on this topic. Suggested donation of $3 - $10. Contact:

So much for that. We go out with “Sweet Grass”, by Joanne Rand from “Into the River”. It's Spring, remember to listen to your Mother!