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Friday, November 23, 2007

The Return of The Climate of Crisis Enviro Show

Greetings Earthlings. It’s serious doom & gloom time once again on The Enviro show. Us tree-huggin’, dirt-worshippin’ WHMP green team rejects are all over the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) final report released last week. Thousands of international scientists state it is "unequivocal", climate change will bring "abrupt and irreversible changes." What they don't say is that it's time to pull the plug on industrial civilization! We’ll gnash our teeth and moan over that later, as well as blame the Bush regime for just about everything. Also, Ted Glick calls in once again to update us on the Climate Emergency Fast as well as the December 8 International Day of Climate Action, but first it’s time for.........Revenge of the Critters! Wild boars invade Wurtzburg!

Melodeego's "1 Sky" takes us to the Enviro Show Echo Chamber. We found this from the AP: A Carbon Monitoring for Action database, or CARMA has been created. Check the database for a mega CO2 emitter near you! ALSO, we checkout this New York Times editorial on the IPCC final report. Glen will comb through that in search of any hidden gloom. That bit of liberal Bush bashing naturally takes us to...

Yes! There’s that sound again. It's the Darth Cheney dirge. Glen, what’s the countdown? OK, by now you Enviro Show enthusiasts may have noticed we make little or no distinction between Darth Cheney and the boy emperor, right? That’s because it’s a package deal! Buy one...err...sort of...get the other free! Sooo, speaking of the other,whose name shall not be spoken, check this out: U.S. power company linked to Bush is named as top polluter. Surprise! Opps! We mentioned his name.

"O, Exxon!" by That Guitar Man, David Ippolito will segway us into the Enviro Show Question of the Day. I know we've said that in the past, but this time we may actually play those clips.

On the Bus Stop Billboard:

Wednesday, December 5, 7pm. Protect our water! A Lake Pleasant community forum at the National Spiritual Alliance Meetinghouse, Lake Pleasant. An evening of discussion and information sharing on the threats to the Montague Plains Aquifer.

Friday, December 7 "What Would Jesus Buy?". That's right! the very film Rev. Billy was telling us about on the last show will be at the Real Art Ways Cinema in Hartford. Call for times & directions: 860-232-1006; or go here.

Saturday, December 8th, 3rd Annual International Day of Climate Action at the Lenox Town Hall; 6 Walker Street, Lenox, MA "Because We Love This Earth" Come learn about how you can take climate action in your local community in Berkshire County on December 8th. For more info visit the Climate Crisis Coalition website at or email Tom Stokes at Tell him D.O. sent you.

Wednesday December 12, 7pm. PIONEER VALLEY COALITION TO CHANGE & CHALLENGE WAL-MART. Converse Hall Room 209, Amherst College, Rt 116 at Rt 9. Info: Aron Goldman, 549-1193.

Friday, December 14, 6 – 11pm. No Biomass Christmas Party. Russell VFW; Rt.20. A fundraiser for the struggle against the Russell Biomass plant. $10 adults, $5 children. Kids under 6 free. Call (413)862-0037

"Turn towards peace" by Jerusha Korim takes us over & out. Until next time, remember: listen to your Mother!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mass Climate Action Network spins for Cape Wind

A recent email alert from Mass Climate Action Network (MCAN) has a section titled: "New Opinion Poll Finds Growing Support for Cape Wind" in which it says: "An opinion survey released October 25th found that 61 percent of residents of the Cape and islands - slightly more than three in five - support the Cape Wind project. The survey, commissioned by the Newton-based Civil Society Institute and conducted by Opinion Research Corporation, also found bipartisan support for the Nantucket Sound offshore wind project..... A total of 501 residents of the Cape and islands were interviewed by telephone Oct. 10 to 15."

However, if the reader follows the link to the Cape Cod Today story she'll discover this: "The CPN/CSI poll is biased by its very design and based on leading questions designed to influence the results," Parker said by email in describing the [The Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound] response to the survey. "The poll consistently positioned Cape Wind as a positive while downplaying concerns or ignoring them completely to support their results."

As an example, Parker cited a question claiming that Horseshoe Shoal, the proposed site for Cape Wind's 130 turbines, "is not in waters used any longer for significant commercial fishing. "The Mass. Fishermen's Partnership and the commercial fishermen who earn much of their livelihood on Horseshoe Shoal know differently," Parker said.
A day before the new survey was released, the Alliance released a statement through PRNewswire challenging CSI's credibility in previous surveys about Cape Wind and renewable energy."

So, MCAN continues to spin for Cape Wind and the privatization of the commons. Such shameless obfiscation is expected from outfits like Cape Wind, but from concerned enviros? MCAN needs to give both sides of the story upfront and let the people decide if Cape Wind is a good thing or the right project in the wrong place.

Checout the Alliance website here.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Stop Shopping Start Pledging Enviro Show

Greetings Earthlings, it's the Stop Shopping Start Pledging Enviro Show coming to you during Valley Free Radio’s On-air Fund Drive which runs from Monday, November 12 to Sunday, November 18. We'll be getting a call from the indomitable Rev. Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping, but first we’d like a call from YOU. We can’t keep doing this without you. Valley Free Radio is not only on the cutting edge, it’s on the fiscal edge as well. This whole operation could tank without your help. PLEASE call and make a pledge, dig deep and make a donation to Valley Free Radio. Like they say: operators are standing by to take your call. The number is (413)584-1160 or click on the hot link above.

Even Revenge of the Critters! takes a backseat to our Fund Drive, but doesn't "Man killed by trouser snake" (no, it’s not what you think).In The Enviro Show Echo Chamber we want to stick with the show's theme of Stop Shopping and recommend Freecycling. Checkout Northampton Freecycle, as well as the Amherst Area Freecycle. Also, America Public Media's Marketplace (of all people!) has put together a special series call Consumed. Checkout the segment with Jared Diamond, How much longer can we overshoot?. How about no longer?? Also mentioned on that series are the Freegans. Checkout some of their dumpster diving tips here.

"Buy Nothing" by Bernie Boulanger, from the "Buy Nothing Day Album" takes us to our sermon from Reverend Billy. Don't forget Buy Nothing Day is just around the corner on November 23rd, the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, buy nothing BUT support community radio. That’s money well spent! Hey, why shop for more junk you don't need when you can have a voice in the media mix? Yes, that's right: you can have your own radio show on Valley Free Radio. Checkout the website here to learn more about that.

There’s that theme again! Glen, do we have to wait or can we rid ourselves of Darth Cheney NOW?? Go to Rep. Denis Kucinich’s site and contact John Olver. Add your voice to the call for the impeachment of Darth Cheney!

As usual we visit the Bus Stop Billboard:

Wednesday, November 14; 7pm. Leverett Energy Committee meets at Town Hall. Cal (413)548-9716 for info.

Thursday, Nov.15, 22, 29; 4:30 - 5:30 pm. Weekly Green Energy Vigil!!
Wells Fountain, Junction of Linden and Main, Brattleboro, VT
We will be here every week until Vermont Yankee is closed. Come join US!!
for more info 802-387-4060.

November 16-17 Day of Action Against Coal Finance. RAN, Rising Tide and others are asking anyone and everyone concerned with stopping the US coal rush to join us in taking the message to Wall Street. From flyering and leafletting at your local Bank America branch or ATM, to creative street theater or non-violent direct action at bank offices - help our climate and communities by demanding clean energy! Email

Sunday, November 18, 2007; 2:30 p.m - 4:30 p.m. Carbon Trading: A Critical Conversation on Climate Change, Privatization and Power. Larry Lohmann, the editor of an exhaustively-documented new book that says that the politically popular "Carbon Trading" approach to the problem is both ineffective and socially unjust. Food for Thought Books, 106 N. Pleasant St., Amherst, MA (413) 253-5432.

Friday, November 23, All Day. BUY NOTHING DAY!

We go out with "The Smile that cost a fortune", by Sarcastic Mannequins, also from the "Buy Nothing Album". See you in two weeks, and remember SUPPORT COMMUNITY RADIO! (and, of course, listen to your Mother).