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Friday, June 26, 2020

The Public Lands Logging Epidemic Enviro Show

Greetings Earthlings. As you may know by now we've been focusing on forest protection, preservation and proforestation for quite some time on the show. And you are probably aware that a large part of the reason for is that we need intact forests to capture CO2 emissions in the struggle with the Climate Crisis (you know, the crisis that threatens life on Earth?). While much of our focus during this time has been on local or regional public forests we're going to make some border crossings on this show with Silvia Solaun and Katherine Evans of New Jersey Forest Watch/Friends of Sparta Mountain joins us to see the forest for the trees further afield. Of course, as always, we'll also take you to see this week's Fool-on-the-Hill and His Malignancy The Mad King in his epic awfulness, as well as a reminder (not that you need it, right?) that "It's the Climate Crisis, Stupid!" but first it's time for........Revenge of the Critters! In the event you are new to show we thought we should once again bring up the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic is totally The Revenge of the Critters. Read it and weep, this in-depth piece from the New York Times Magazine, How Humanity Unleashed a Flood of New Diseases.

Back for yet another appearance on this week's Fool-on-the-Hill is the guy who may actually be the biggest bona fide fool in the entire U.S. House of Reps, Texas nutjob extraordinaire Louie Gohmert. Never one to pass up the chance to engage in lame-ass childish behavior in the hallowed chamber of the people, this time Gohmert loudly drummed on his desk as the House Judiciary Committee heard testimony from one of two Department of Justice attorneys who said that improper political influence had warped multiple cases, including the sentencing recommendation for [The Mad King]’s associate Roger Stone. Democrats asked for the Sergeant at Arms to remove Gohmert from the hearing room because he refused to stop banging on a table but instead he was made to sit in a corner wearing a dunce cap while facing the wall for a time, kidding. Nothing was done, apparently because punishing misbehaving adolescents isn't nice, even when they are flat-out fascist.

On to His Malignancy The Mad King who infamously continues to call for less testing of the Corona Virus so the numbers will look better for his reelection. Yes, the ugly face of the Repugnican Death Cult just can't resist publicly displaying his utter disregard for the people of this nation and his epic self-regard. One can only wonder at the one-third of the population who still claim to support this monster. Living proof that we are, indeed, a highly flawed species. His Malignancy's enablers in government must share that distinction. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue has now unveiled what he called a “blueprint” for enabling energy extraction, mining, grazing and logging in federal forests by speeding up environmental reviews and permitting, a euphemism for privatizing our public lands for corporate profits. Meanwhile, over at the EPA His Malignancy's enablers finalized a rule to roll back regulations of perchlorate, a chemical found in rocket fuel that can cause brain damage in infants. And speaking of the EPA here's a bit of Orwellian groupthink for you: "The Environmental Protection Agency defended its controversial decision to halt enforcement of bedrock anti-pollution laws amid the coronavirus pandemic on the grounds that doing so protected workers and offered flexibility to companies facing staffing shortages." But wait, there's more! June is National Oceans Month and Thec Mad King issued an official proclamation in recognition of this, but instead of pledging to protect our oceans or highlight the ocean’s critical role in mitigating global climate change, His Malignancy celebrated the “enormous opportunity” we have to expand offshore oil drilling.

We guess the lead story for "It's the Climate Crisis, Stupid!" segment is the present heatwave in.......Siberia?? You read that right: "A Siberian town hit 100 degrees, setting a new record for the Arctic Circle". Science news goes on to note: "The new benchmark highlights how the Arctic region is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet, a phenomenon known as Arctic amplification. Average temperatures in Siberia from December to May were also the warmest on record going back to 1979, according to Copernicus. When combined with data from NASA going back to 1880, the researchers suggest, this six-month period is likely unprecedented within the last 140 years." 

The Enviro Show Echo Chamber is back, this time with another tale of "progress" vs. historical integrity, something that often means business-as-usual rolling over Native American history and culture. Which would you rather have: construction of another roundabout for cars! cars! cars! (where it's not all that needed) or the preservation of a 10,000 year old Indigenous site, possibly occupied by the Norwottuck people?  Here is a link to a site describing the situation. Scroll down for links by local media as well. Some of the information on the site may be incorrect like the "July 1" start of construction. Senator Comerford and Representative Sabadosa are actively engaged in this issue. Let them know you are as well! 

Time for an Enviro Show Quote of the Week, this one especially for loggers and foresters but you'll need to prepare yourself for a loooong trip in the Wayback Machine, all the way to the turn of the 16th century:

"For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver."                
                                                                    - Martin Luther 

After our conversation with Silvia we move on to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Tuesday, July 14, 1 p.m. ET: Story of Plastic panel discussion. Learn why we can't recycle our way out of our waste issues and how to take action. Register here to get a link to watch the Story of Plastic movie before the panel. 

Thursday July 16, 10:30 am - 1:30 pm. Virtual Class: Soil the Solution Beneath our Feet. This class will address all aspects of soil composition and soil health and will discuss soil’s role in sustainability and combating climate change. The class will provide you with the information needed to use soil regeneration to capture carbon, reduce flooding and drought conditions, and grow healthy plants resistant to disease and stress.   Read more and register.   

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OK for now Enviro Show fans. Please remember to listen to your Mother! 

Saturday, June 13, 2020

The Usual Suspects Enviro Show

Greetings Earthling. We've rounded up the usual suspects for this week's show. Some of those who are seemingly always stirring up trouble for the cause and getting in the way of business-as-usual, in this case the business of commercially logging our public forests and making the Climate Crisis worse. Members of the Wendell State Forest Alliance will be speaking about their actions trying to protect the public forests from the state. Checkout their blog HERE. [Disclaimer: The Enviro Show hosts are proud members of WSFA]
As usual we will also introduce you to this week's Fool-on-the-Hill and expose you to His Malignancy The Mad King and his morally challenged enablers' latest outrages, as well as remind those who have not been paying attention that "It's the Climate Crisis, Stupid!" but first it's time for........Revenge of the Critters! The Animal Kingdom is taking over as the humans are sheltering in?  Finally some justice!

Repugnican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas makes a repeat performance as this week's Fool-on-the-Hill given his recent op-ed that made its way into the New York Times [now removed] in which he advocated for sending the U.S, Military into U.S. cities to deal with the nation-wide protests over police violence and racism.  In essence, Cotton wanted to further his "proto-fascist" tendencies as was pointed out in one Times op-ed. We guess it goes without saying that a certain occupant of a white house down the street from The Hill was fully supportive of the senator's screed.

And now, on to that White House occupant, His Malignancy The Mad King who went full-out wannabe Rambo when the protests broke out after George Floyd's killing calling crowds on the streets “anarchists,” “terrorists,” “losers,” and “lowlifes,”   demanding state govs “get much tougher” and calling on Antifa to be designated as a terrorist organization. Let's be clear: anti-fascism is not terrorism; our fathers and grandfathers fought against fascism and came home heroes, OK?? We all know what a phony tough guy His Malignancy is with his bullshit poses and loud-mouth bather but as phony as his act is his fascist mentality is the actual threat. The Mad King is the true terrorist and his words and actions make that apparent almost daily. His Malignancy is also an environmental terrorist, one of the latest examples being an executive order he signed that would waive requirements under a group of important environmental laws like NEPA. The new order expedites the permitting of construction projects and energy projects overseen by corporate captured federal agencies, using emergency authorities to avoid environmental regulations. It's just more of the same but now he's doing it under cover of the COVID-19 pandemic he's actually doing nothing about. His criminal negligence is right up there with his climate crimes and all the enablers in his Cabinet are equally guilty. Another example is he will open up a 5,000 square mile conservation area in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of New England to destructive commercial fishing. That allows commercial fishing to resume in the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument, a sanctuary created during the Obama administration to allow fish populations to recover from bad practices in the past. It also cancels a planned phase out of red crab and lobster fisheries in the area. The plunder continues.

How about we move on another matter His Malignancy avoids, even though we keep reminding him "It's the Climate Crisis, Stupid!"   Did you know it was 84 degrees near the Arctic Ocean last month as carbon dioxide hit its highest level in human history?  You may have missed that amid all the other bad news but hey, we're "Reopening America" right?  Get out there and exercise your growing carbon footprint! With all the sheltering in with COVID a lot of folks are more focused than ever about their diet. Grist asks: "What’s the more climate-conscious diet: Plant-based or place-based?"  Inquiring minds need to know! 

After we plot against business-as-usual with the Usual Suspects we go to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Wednesday, July 1, 7pm (ET). Organize to Prevent Wildlife Trade - an online event. Wildlife trade is one of the leading threats to biodiversity. It is also a major threat to public health, as it is the most probable cause of COVID-19 and several other pandemics. The United States plays a major role in wildlife trade, importing more than 224 million live animals and 883 million other wildlife species every year. Experts predict that new diseases will emerge from wildlife to infect humans somewhere between every four months and every three years. If we want to avoid future pandemics and stop the extinction crisis, we must fundamentally change our relationship with wildlife and nature. Join this call to learn how you can organize to protect wildlife and public health by ending wildlife trade.  Register HERE

We'll add more events as they arise, meanwhile remember to Listen to Your Mother!