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Friday, August 26, 2005

On the air....finally!

Our first show on Valley Free Radio. Tuesday, August 30, 6pm. 103.3 fm WXOJ-LP, coming to you from beautiful downtown Florence, Mass. Enough gaffs for everyone!
OK, so here's the line-up:

* helloooooooooo
*what is THIS about??
*The World Scientists Warning to Humanity - They didn't listen to Jor-el on Krypton, why would the primitives on Earth listen to 1,700 leading scientists??
* What's so intelligent about THAT design - a conversation on ID.
* musical relief
*1st segment: The Weather Report!
* more musical relief
*2nd segment: E-Valley-uation - an enviro report card for WMass - The good, the bad & the ugly. Rail Trial bikepath to be extended.
Asthma's up in the Valley, but the Springfield Republican and the state can't see the smokestacks or the cars.
*even more musical relief
*3rd segment: Bulletin Board - post your eco events here
* not more music!
*Next time around: Global WARming.

That's what it looks like. Who knows what it'll sound like. Please post yur' comments below and let us know what you think, what you're involved with in the struggle to protect planet Earth from the forces of darkness.