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Friday, June 07, 2024

A Poisonous Enviro Show

Greetings Earthings. You may recall our previous shows on rodenticide poisoning leading to tragic deaths of key predators. This time Laura Kiesel of  Save Arlington Wildlife joins us to discuss a petition to "the Pesticide Board Subcommittee of the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources to immediately suspend the registrations of all anticoagulant rodenticide products and conduct an individual review of their active ingredients".  Let's end the slaughter, OK? As always we will also introduce you to this week's Fool-on-the-Hill and Those Whose Brains Are Small as well as checking in on our Critter of the Week and more but first it's time for.......Revenge of the Critters! News Flash! Orcas are just .......bored teenagers! 

This week's Fool-on-the-Hill works right across the street from The U.S. House of Fools at the so-called Supreme Court. It is, after all, on The Hill, right? Yes, and "Justice" Samual Alito has proved himself to be such a fool! It seems "political flags flown at Alito’s homes — an upside-down American flag in the days after Jan. 6, 2021, and an “Appeal to Heaven” flag in the summer of 2023 — have pushed Alito’s behavior into an entirely different realm, one that raises serious questions about Alito’s partisanship, his ethics and the integrity of the court."  Questions?? There is no doubt about this guy's fascist MAGA cult leanings, much less his opposition to women's right to choose. Alito's credos have no place in the nation's highest court. Full stop.

Alito and his MAGA flag waving wife can crank up the AC or flee to their beach house in Jersey but folks in Pakistan and India are sweltering at 127 degrees because "It's the Climate Crisis, Stupid!" That's barely survivable weather and as summer approaches it could well be headed our way. Closer to home in Mexico City "some say it could be unable to provide water by June 26, known as “Day Zero” in the metropolitan area of 22 million." Without water how does one survive? Here in the States it was recently revealed " the first months of 2024, there has been a strange and devastating uptick in twister occurrences. April witnessed more than 100 tornadoes in the US in just one week, and, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information, a total of 384 were reported throughout the month. That is more than double the year-on-year average and the second-highest on record." What's THAT about? "Research published in the journal Environmental Research Letters has shown that as El Niño decays, atmospheric ‘waves’ which promote vertical wind shear become wavier, which in turn produces conditions ripe for tornado formation." Climate Chaos? What do you think?

This "Brains were Small and They Died" segment brings us to model Nazi SS freak sent from Central Casting, Stephen Miller who lately has been beating the fascist drum by calling mainstream Dems "Communists".  Is this creepy old-school or what? Him and his ilk have their Schutzstaffel panties all up in a knot over His Malignancy's felony trial, falsely claiming it was rigged (just as they said about the election The Mad King lost). Losers who refuse to admit to reality remind us of the dinosaurs. What ever happened to them? Here's a Stand Up/Fight Back LINK calling for His Malignancy's other trials to go forward. And  FINALLY, fascist schemer and worst of the worst,  Steve Bannon learns "If you can't do the time don't do the crime" on July 1st.....unless his SCOTUS overlords give him a pass. 😒

Still on the subject of Nazi SS freaks here in The Enviro Show Echo Chamber we quote this New York Times piece on The Environmental Protection Agency proposed limits on the use of N-Methylpyrrolidone, a solvent in many products used by both consumers and workers. NMP "has been found to cause miscarriages, reduced male fertility and damage to the liver, kidneys and immune and nervous systems." Such corrective actions are far too rare at the EPA but when they were taken back in the Obama days guess who went out of his way to resend them in the next administration? That would be His Malignancy The Mad King who, along with his MAGA cult followers, remains even more toxic today than they was back then. They did that many, many times. We bring this up in case you were thinking the only danger with those fascists was the end of a centuries long constitutional democracy. There, we said it and we're glad, now it's time for a poetry break.

Our Critter of the Week this time around are the humble Fireflies. June is their time to shine and one of our listeners has sent us a slew of links about Lampyridae and about their struggle to survive the Insect Apocalypse. How can we help them? Turn the damn lights out!

The Enviro Show Quote of the Week is spot on for this show:

“We need, in a special way, to work twice as hard to help people understand that the animals are fellow creatures, that we must protect them and love them as we love ourselves.”

— Cesar Chavez

After our conversation with Rachel it's on to the billboard:

Monday June 17, 4 p.m.  A  conversation with John Perlin, "A Forest Journey: The Role of Trees in the Fate of Civilization."  which chronicles the rise and fall of great civilizations throughout history, paralleling the fate of the forests they depended upon. It offers a compelling narrative through time and serves as a stark warning about the consequences of mismanaging our forests. Please register here.  

Monday June 17, 7 to 8:30pm. The Regenerative Farming, Forests & Food Systems group (RF3) of Climate Action Now warmly invites you to our follow up  community conversation. Working with cities and towns to permanently preserve wildlands; Creating regenerative gardens, pollinator habitat and Miyawaki Forests;  Supporting local farmers’ and community efforts towards climate resilience and food security;
Collaborating with the growing state-wide Smart Solar coalition;  Creating educational presentations/materials about regenerative agriculture, forests, soil health, loss of biodiversity, human health and climate change.  Go HERE.  

Tuesday June 18, 7—8pm.  Gordon RoomPeabody Institute Library of Danvers   15 Sylvan Street, Danvers, MA, 01923.   Have you noticed any plastic poison bait boxes in your neighborhood?  Learn about the ecological role of birds of prey in urban and wild areas and about the danger they face from the widespread use of rat poison, the far-reaching consequences of rodenticides (SGARs), and safe and effective alternatives to implement that protect our food chain from poison.   Join us as we host environmentalist Gary Menin, Sr to discuss this important topic!

 Thursday June 20, 5 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.  The public is invited to join University of Massachusetts Amherst astronomers at the standing stones of the UMass Sunwheel On the day of the June Summer Solstice, the sun reaches its farthest north position relative to the stars at 4:40 p.m. EDT, which marks the astronomical start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere. On the date of the solstice, daylight is longest and nighttime is shortest in the Northern Hemisphere. Go HERE

Thursday June 20, 11am - 12pm.  This Virtual Lobby Day is for Mass Power Forward Priorities only- please come prepared to lobby for Mass Power Forward priorities only. See our website if you have questions. Kick Off - On Zoom Throughout the day: prep time with your team, meetings with Reps and Senators. 4:30 Closing and action for people with no meetings

Thursday June 20 6pm. Life Saves the Planet lecture series to discover how beavers work as wetland engineers to change the flow of water across the landscape. As a result, returning beavers to the land can prevent wildfires and drought, mitigate flooding, improve water quality, sequester carbon, and create habitat for endangered species on land and water.  Register for free to join this conversation live, or to receive the recording afterward HERE

Thursday June 20, 7:00-8:00 pm.  The Power of Wetlands — Let's Protect and Restore Them  .  Online via Zoom. Wetlands are essential for wildlife, communities, and clean air and water. They capture carbon out of the atmosphere, prevent damage and flooding from more intense storms, help supply water during more frequent droughts, and provide habitats for fish and wildlife. Join Heidi Ricci, Director of Policy and Advocacy, to learn about Mass Audubon's efforts to streamline outdated regulations, which are creating delays and increasing costs for wetlands restoration. 

Thursday June 20, 8 pm. Cruelty Most Fowl: Combatting the Senseless Killing of Gamecocks, Pigeons and Owls. Pigeon shoots that maim and kill animals and treat live animals as animated targets. The pernicious, crime-ridden spectacle of cockfighting. The government's unprecedented scheme to kill 500,000 barred owls to reduce competition with threatened spotted owls. It collectively amounts to the killing of millions of birds. Go HERE for the latest in our Claudia Miller Ignite Series on Animal Welfare. 

Saturday June 22, 4-6:30pm.  Serious Play Presents: Climate Change Community.  Northampton Center for the Arts, 33 Hawley Street , Northampton, MA. Serious Play feels strongly about the existential threat of climate change and the power of theatre to motivate audiences to ask questions, to think critically & to take action now.  The FORUM, held before the June 22 performance of Moving Water, offers 3 group conversations around 3 aspects of the climate crisis, moving participants toward action on 3 specific climate projects. Registration for free Climate Change Forum here

Sunday June 23 at 12 noon. BIGGER THAN DOBBS: THE WAR ON WOMEN AND DEMOCRACY RALLY on the Greenfield Town Common, on the second anniversary of the Supreme Court Dobbs decision which took away women's right to abortion and threatens the future of our democracy.  

Monday June 24th is the second anniversary of the disastrous Dobbs decision. When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, it opened the doors for a dystopian future for women across the United States. Feminists are taking action — striking, marching, getting out the vote — across the country. Join us to send an unmistakable message to anti-abortion extremists that our movement is not backing down. Host or join a local action near you!

Monday  June 24, 7 to 8:30pm. Climate Action Now Gathering via Zoom. Climate Reparations: What Does the North Owe the Global South? Presentation by John Feffer, Director of the Global Just Transition program Institute for Policy Studies  How will the nations most responsible for the climate crisis respond to the escalating needs of those that have contributed least and are most impacted? Climate reparations will be a hot topic at the next two UN Climate Conferences. Register HERE. 

Monday June 24, 7 p.m. World EHS Day.  We are so grateful to colleagues in France who seven years ago established June 16 as the World Day of Intolerance to Electromagnetic Pollution! That falls on Father's Day this year in the U.S. so Courtney Gilardi and Cece Doucette will be hosting a U.S.-based Zoom event.  Go HERE.  

Thursday June 27, 4 to 5pm. A Pivotal Partnership for Imperiled Shorebirds and Living Fossils. ABC is advocating for solutions to conserve both the horseshoe crab and the Red Knot, as part of the Horseshoe Crab Recovery Coalition (HCRC), a partnership of more than 50 organizations. Zoom webinar about these efforts and the incredible animals at the center of this story. Register HERE.  

Friday June 28, All Day. Summer of Heat on Wall Street. For reservations go HERE. 
Over 100 community organizers and frontline leaders from the Gulf South ― home to the world’s largest buildout of new fossil fuel projects ― will be in New York for the march and action. They hail from communities, such as Lake Charles and Sulphur in Louisiana, where people are fighting tooth and nail to stop the buildout of LNG and oil export terminals. Now, they’re taking their demands to the front doors of Wall Street. The march will be a family-friendly, celebratory and joyous second-line march led by a brass band. We will start at the head of Wall Street, and will end at the global headquarters of Citibank.

 Saturday June 29, 10am - 2pm.  Boston Urban Forest Friends Symposium 2024 – Still Growing Together: Preserving For Our Future.  In addition to our incredible speakers, we will host an engaging panel discussion, where experts, community members, and advocates will come together to address pressing topics related to Boston's urban forest. We will be joined by the Director of Urban Forestry, Todd Mistor, who will join us to talk about the Urban Forest Plan (UFP) for the City of Boston and more.Lunch will be provided by Fresh Food Generation. Please confirm your participation by registering at the link HERELocation is at   The Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center, 1350 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02120

The June 29th Mass Poor People’s & Low-Wage Workers’ Assembly and Moral March on Washington D.C. & to the Polls will launch outreach to 15 million poor and low-wage infrequent voters ahead of the 2024 U.S. elections and beyond. The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival is calling on people of moral conscience to join us on June 29th in the nation’s capital to uplift and center the needs of the over 135 million poor and low-wage people and workers across the country. Go HERE.  

We are out of here for now but PLEASE remember to listen to your Mother! 


Saturday, May 25, 2024

A White Mountains National Forest Enviro Show

[Our podcast of the  interview is HERE ] Greetings Earthlings. Have you heard the news?  His Malignancy is now a convicted felon. On with the Show! You may recall we recently featured the potential logging threat in the Green Mountain National Forest with our friend Zack Porter of Standing Trees ? Well, Zack is back this time with Standing Trees active member Jerry Curran. We'll be looking at a similar mindless threat to the neighboring White Mountains National Forest in New Hampshire. The U.S. Forest Service (who actually only serve the logging industry) continues business-as-usual with mind-numbing climate crimes across the nation. Once again, their sights are on New England. We say: No Way!  As usual, we will also introduce you to this week's Fool-on-the-Hill and Those Who Brains Were Small, as well as another Critter of the Week and more but first it's time for........Revenge of the Critters!  They're baaaack! Orcas attack.....again

Let's get right to this Enviro Show Echo Chamber announcement regarding a struggle some of us have been engaged in for nearly four decades here in the Commonwealth. Since 1985 there has been an effort to change the state seal & flag from racist imagery to something respecting the Native people who were murdered and oppressed by so-called Puritans and other Europeans in the 17th & 18th centuries. We've covered this repeatedly on the show and now "The Massachusetts Senate voted 30 – 9 on Thursday, May 23rd to require Governor Maura Healey to take the next step in the historic process of replacing the violent imagery of the Massachusetts flag and seal."  That said, it still needs to get through the conference committee with House members and be included in the final state budget. There is some misguided opposition to this much needed change on Beacon Hill "where good legislation goes to die". Stay tuned to this historic effort. And since we're on the subject of historic flags let's talk about the Pine Tree flag that Washington's troops flew in the War of Independence and the Shaysites flew in Shays' Rebellion. Both were honorable struggles for justice and independence against oppression but that flag has been adopted by MAGA fascists in our time, people who seek the overthrow of the very Constitutional democracy our ancestors fought and died for. One such person is Samuel Alito of the U.S. Supreme Court. History is in the making. Watch this space.

This week's Fool-on-the-Hill is, once again, smarmy fratboy Rep. Matt Gaetz, Repugnican from Florida who showed up with other MAGA toadies at the NYC trial of His Malignancy and stated “Standing back and standing by, Mr. President” thus echoing the infamous phrase The Mad King used as a signal to the fascist Proud Boys during one of the presidential debates in 2020. Another dangerous fascist fool in our midst.

Since we're on about bad players how about we nominate Florida and failed Presidential candidate Gov. Ron DeSantis for our Brains Were Small segment? Like the dino he is, Climate Crisis denier DeSantis fails to see the asteroid of climate chaos coming his way and instead  .."signed a bill that erases most references to climate change in state law, deprioritizes it in policy decisions, and eases regulations for natural gas pipelines while banning offshore wind installations in state waters" reports Common Dreams .

None of the above pay any heed to THE existential threat of the ages but we'll never stop reminding them "It's the Climate Crisis, Stupid!" Maybe they only watch Faux "News"? Maybe they should checkout this from CNN: "Ocean water is pushing miles beneath Antarctica’s “Doomsday Glacier,” making it more vulnerable to melting than previously thought, according to new research which used radar data from space to perform an X-ray of the crucial glacier. As the salty, relatively warm ocean water meets the ice, it’s causing “vigorous melting” underneath the glacier and could mean global sea level rise projections are being underestimated, according to the study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences." The article goes on to say: "Thwaites [Glacier], which already contributes 4% to global sea level rise, holds enough ice to raise sea levels by more than 2 feet. But because it also acts as a natural dam to the surrounding ice in West Antarctica, scientists have estimated its complete collapse could ultimately lead to around 10 feet of sea level rise — a catastrophe for the world’s coastal communities." Sound serious? Well.....yeah!  Here's a fascinating piece from Grist that Glen came upon. "Of the millions of enzymes on earth, RuBisCO might be the most important. It’s essential to photosynthesis, and without it, plants would be unable to grow. Without RuBisCO, nearly all life on Earth would starve. But even though it’s everywhere, and has been around for billions of years, RuBisCO kind of sucks at its job. And it’s getting worse as the world gets hotter." It was 90 degrees in the middle of May when I read it. 

This Critter of the Week has been in the news a lot this year. "The spectacular emergence of a double brood of cicadas in 2024, with some 1.5 million of the harmless insects emerging per acre in some places, will result in cicadas landing on people's shirts, arms, hair, and...beyond.......Even on an Air Force base tarmac, a cicada landed on the president's neck. Let's take that as a good sign.  

Our Enviro Show Quote of the Week comes from on of our own in Massachusetts:

"We need new and old trees, solar panels and forests, dense housing and accessible green space."

- Sen. Ed Markey introducing the recent Trees as a Public Good Earth Day forum.

After our conversation with our guests it's on to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Friday, June 7 (starts in the evening) and Saturday, June 8. 2024 Wilderness Renewal Hosted by the Wildlands and Wilderness Grassroots Network Team in Collaboration with the Conservation & Outdoors Campaign’s Land/Water/Wildlife Program. Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk will speak on Friday evening.  Nada Culver of the Bureau of Land Management and Sierra Club Executive Director Ben Jealous will speak on Saturday.  California Senator Padilla is invited to speak.  Workshop presenters will include Sierra Club wildlands activists and campaign staff. Go HERE.    

June 10-14 Shut Down Citibank's Global HQ every day, all week long. Go HERE!

Wednesday June 12, 10:00 - 11:30am. Join the Salata Institute, the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard, and climate editors from The Washington Post, Grist, The New York Times, and the Boston Globe for an exclusive conversation about media coverage of climate change. [A good opportunity to call out The Globe for its bogus climate reporting!!]  Haller Hall, Harvard Museum of Natural History 26 Oxford St, Cambridge, MA 02138   Register HERE

Wednesday June 12, 1pm.  Protecting our waters from plastic pellet pollution.  learn more about the impact plastic pellets are having on the environment, hear from the people standing up to plastic facilities that are dumping pellets in local waterways and from advocates about a new bill in Congress that can help stop this pollution in the first place. RSVP for "Protecting our waters from plastic pellet pollution"

Thursday June 13, 12:00 - 1:30 pm.  Taking Action to Confront Authoritarianism. Elders for Social Justice continue exploring what actions that we, as elders, can take to push back against extremist attacks. We’re focusing on right-wing efforts to undermine public education, including restricting curricula, punishing discussion of targeted topics, and eliminating programs (like DEI) that make a school environment safe and welcoming for all students. Go HERE. 

Monday June 17, 4 p.m.  A  conversation with John Perlin, "A Forest Journey: The Role of Trees in the Fate of Civilization."  which chronicles the rise and fall of great civilizations throughout history, paralleling the fate of the forests they depended upon. It offers a compelling narrative through time and serves as a stark warning about the consequences of mismanaging our forests. Please register here.  

Sunday June 23 at 12 noon. BIGGER THAN DOBBS: THE WAR ON WOMEN AND DEMOCRACY RALLY on the Greenfield Town Common, on the second anniversary of the Supreme Court Dobbs decision which took away women's right to abortion and threatens the future of our democracy.

Monday June 24, 7 p.m. World EHS Day.  We are so grateful to colleagues in France who seven years ago established June 16 as the World Day of Intolerance to Electromagnetic Pollution! That falls on Father's Day this year in the U.S. so Courtney Gilardi and Cece Doucette will be hosting a U.S.-based Zoom event.  Go HERE.  

That's all, folks......except to remember to listen to your Mother!







Saturday, May 11, 2024

A Smart Solar Enviro Show

UPDATE: The podcast for this show is available at: 

Greetings Earthlings. Spring is upon us and the days are getting longer, more daytime to resist The Machine! Those corporados and their enablers are planning yet more deforestation for corporate solar arrays and associated explosive battery siting here in the Commonwealth and across the nation. The struggle for smarter siting continues. Sharon Weizenbaum of Smart Solar Shutesbury returns to the show joined by Eric S Bachrach of Smart Solar Amherst. As always we will also introduce you to our Fool-on-the-Hill and Those Whose Brains Were Small, along with our constant reminder that "It's the Climate Crisis, Stupid!", our new Critter of the Week segment and more but first it's time for........Revenge of the Critters! Elephant herd seeks serious revenge for brutal murder of one of their own.

This week's Fool-on-the-Hill is racist Repugnican Congressman Mike Collins from Georgia's 10th congressional district. In February, he came under fire for proposing that the United States throw migrants out of helicopters into the ocean. As a HuffPost reporter pointed out at the time, Collins was "parroting a meme that's been popular among white supremacists and neofascists like the Proud Boys." Recently he shared a video in which a group of white college frat boys taunted and mocked a Black anti-war protestor with openly racist attacks. "Ole Miss taking care of business," Collins wrote. What's with Georgia? Why so many fools? 

Surely by now everyone knows His Malignancy The Mad King doesn't care that "It's the Climate Crisis, Stupid!", in fact his sorry-ass mind just views it as yet another transactional moment. Common Dreams reports: "According to new reporting, Trump pledged to swiftly gut climate regulations put in place by the Biden administration if the oil and gas industry raises $1 billion for his 2024 presidential campaign. The "remarkably blunt and transactional pitch," reported by The Washington Post, was Trump's latest explicit statement of his intention to give the fossil fuel industry free rein to wreck the planet if he wins a second term in power. Executives from Exxon, Chevron, Occidental Petroleum, and other prominent fossil fuel companies reportedly attended the Mar-a-Lago dinner."  The piece goes on to state Will Bunch, a columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer, wrote in response to the Post's reporting that "you won't read a more important story today. Trump is willing to literally destroy the planet for $1 billion." Longtime listeners to this show know we are forever praising forests and trees as natural carbon capture climate saviors, right? Guess who wants to crucify those saviors? Here's the headline: "New Forest Service report reveals agency wants to max out logging"! And here's the jist of the report: "It’s hard to overstate just how important our national forests are to our lives. Yet is the Forest Service managing these irreplaceable forests to the benefit of all of us, as they are supposed to? A recent Forest Service report to Congress provides a blueprint of how the agency could increase logging to meet arbitrary, non-science based timber production goals." As you may know by now, biodiversity and climate chaos are intrinsically entwined. Checkout this paper published recently. Sorry, no good climate news today but here is a petition to The Prez urging him to call a Climate Emergency. Yes, we need way more than petitions. Stay tuned!

Time to move on to "Their Brains were Small and They Died" to remind everyone, once again, about the modern-day dinosaurs we call corporados and what they do. We've been talking about this on the show forever, apparently to no avail. The subhead in this Grist piece says it all: "A sobering new study finds that the world's biggest industries burn through $7.3 trillion worth of free natural capital a year. And it's the only reason they turn a profit." Of course, the free pass lasts only so long. The corporado dinos' asteroid is closing in, sadly it will take most of us as well. 

Meanwhile, in The Enviro Show Echo Chamber we echo HuffPo's reporting: "Never missing an opportunity to make life easier for extractive industries, House Republicans passed a suite of bills this week to boost development and dismantle environmental protections across millions of acres of federal land."  Thankfully the report goes on: "The bills stand little chance of passing in the Democratic-controlled Senate, but they give GOP industry allies something to tout heading into the 2024 elections. And since several of the measures closely mirror priority actions found in Project 2025, the 920-page policy blueprint that dozens of right-wing organizations compiled to guide [the] former President"  You might want to checkout their Project 2025 , dear listeners. Think of it as a game plan for a fascist takeover of the U.S. No joke! 😡 Finally, we have a link to the Trees as a Public Good forum from Earth Day eve. Bring out the popcorn and libations, settle down and watch HERE.

Our new Critter of the Week segment comes close to home here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is the highly endangered Barrens Tiger Beetle. As the name suggests, this beautiful emerald critter must have homes found only in Plymouth County within our state. Their specialized needs for patches of sand within pitch pine-scrub oak barrens make habitat loss one of their biggest threats. This critter has been found near the 104 Tremont mining site and is threatened by the Sand Wars taking place in Southeastern Massachusetts. 

Our Enviro Show Quote of the Week is right in line with this week's show:

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”

- Chris Maser

After our interview we move on to the Bus Stop Billboard:

 Wednesday May 29, 2024 beginning at 1:30 p.m. — Remote Only FirstLight Power has filed its application for a 401 Water Quality Certification (WQC) with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protections (MassDEP). The WQC application is available here: will conduct two public hearings on the WQC application. Registration is required in advance 

Wednesday May 29, 2024, beginning at 7:00 p.m. — Remote Only [see above] 

Thursday May 30, 5pm. Meet outside the John Glenn Middle School Auditorium, 99 McMahon Road, Bedford, MA holding our signs and banners and greeting the Hanscom airfield expansion developers and the public as they arrive at the meeting.  The bigger the crowd of people who oppose this reckless plan, the better! Some signs will be available to borrow, but please bring your own if you can. We will end our demonstration outside shortly before 6 pm and then head into the meeting room for the presentation.  This will be a peaceful and non-disruptive event.  We are coordinating with campus staff to ensure no issues with security. It will be helpful for planning purposes if you can RSVP to the Bedford event (if you plan to attend in person or virtually), so please click here. Thanks for your support!l For questions, please contact

Thursday May 30, 5:30-8:00 pm. A fundraiser at LexArt! This fundraiser will be part of LexArt's Animal House Exhibit. Please save the date for a fun filled evening with food, drink, conversation, a wildlife rescue story, a wildlife photo exhibit, and more! Tickets are required. 130 Waltham St, Lexington, MA 02421-5413

Saturday June 110am.   Wachusett Reservoir Walk on National Trails Day! Join us for a walk along the beautiful Wachusett Reservoir on National Trails Day! We expect to walk around 3 miles with little elevation gain and loss (~400ft). Some highlights include views of the reservoir from up on some bluffs and lots of beautiful varied forests. There will be an option to extend the walk farther than this, but we will have looped back to the start by around 3 miles.  RSVP   HERE.

Saturday June 1, 7 to 9pm.  Benefit Ball for Climate Solutions, Education and Advocacy. Blue Rendezvous Band  Retro Soul and Swing.  Northampton Center for the Arts, 33 Hawley St, Northampton, MA.   Dance, celebrate and support: Trees As A Public Good, Extinction Rebellion Western Mass, MA Sierra Club Forest & Plant Based Planet groups And/or make a donation at:

Sunday June 2, 2pm-4pm. The UnConvention: Uniting Progressive Activists for Change. A virtual event. We are concerned about the loss of 15,000 members in the Democratic Party and want to re-engage those and other people at this critical time in our history. Our goal is to organize around progressive issues that are in the platform but not supported by the Party or the convention.  Please fill out our questionnaire so we can know your thoughts and also register for the event: The UnConvention Activist Survey. While we are not charging a registration fee, we do have costs and appreciate your donation.

Tuesday June 4, 10:00 am – 3:30 pm.  Register Now for Part II of the Western Mass Solar Forum!  The Western Massachusetts Solar Forum is a series of public discussions and information-sharing sessions regarding the opportunities and challenges associated with solar photovoltaic (PV) development and installation in Western Massachusetts. Part I of the Forum was held in the fall of 2023.  It will focus on the recent recommendations from the Commission on Energy Infrastructure Siting and Permitting and their implications for Western Massachusetts communities. For more information, visit, or click here to register. 

Tuesday June 4, 12:00-3:30pm. ISO New England (ISO-NE) Consumer Liaison Group (CLG) meeting . Holyoke Community College Kittredge Center in Holyoke, MA. This meeting is a great opportunity for New England ratepayers to get some answers to questions we posed last meeting about their demand response markets, begin a discussion about the meaning of “reliability,” hear about new developments at ISO-NE, and bring any other questions we have for the grid operator. It’s also a great opportunity for those who gather in-person to be together and experience the joy we create when we show up together!

IMPORTANT: In-person registration closes at noon on Wednesday, May 29th. Online registration closes at noon on June 4th. The registration system maintained by ISO-NE is frustrating. Please stick with it, and if you have trouble, reach out to Marla for help 781-475-0996 or

Wednesday June 5, 1pm.  National Farm Bill for Climate Justice Webinar.  CCAN Action Fund is hosting a fun and free informational webinar on one of the most important pieces of legislation this Congress will pass: the Farm Bill.  The 2023 Farm Bill serves as a major opportunity to confront the agricultural sector's greenhouse gas emissions. Go HERE.   

Wednesday June 12, 10:00 - 11:30am. Join the Salata Institute, the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard, and climate editors from The Washington Post, Grist, The New York Times, and the Boston Globe for an exclusive conversation about media coverage of climate change. [A good opportunity to call out The Globe for its bogus climate reporting!!]  Haller Hall, Harvard Museum of Natural History 26 Oxford St, Cambridge, MA 02138   Register HERE

That's all, folks......except to remember to listen to your Mother!