Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Enviro Show for November 15

We'll open with the Repugnican war on science: journalist Chris Mooney, author of "The Republican War on Science", will be speaking at Food for Thought Books in Amherst at the same time we’re on the air. Through the magic of technology we’ll air a brief interview with Chris, thus giving you the false impression that he is two places at once! Yes, we do magic on The Enviro Show too!

Then it's on to our "E-Valley-uation" segment: Glen brings us up to snuff on the town of Montague’s proposals to take a dump on the Montague Plain. Yes, that's right, THE Montague Plain wildlife sanctuary and corridor, but hey! those critters can always circumvent a new dump full of Goddess knows what, right? They could use public transportation for a change like the rest of us!

Then it's time for the Bulletin Board, featuring a notice about taking it to WalMart’s door; watching it on film (for the armchair enviros out there); the Global Warming Day of Action, December 3; NRC’s Committee on Reactor Safety hearing in Bratt, November 15 & 16

Then on to an interview with Nina Keller & Sally Shaw, who recently took part in a civil disobedience action about Vermont Yankee. Radiation knows no borders, folks and you, dear listener are about 30 miles or so, as the radioactive cloud flies, from that leaky old nuke. You have every reason to be worried. Musical accompaniment will be provided by our own Tom Neilson's anti-nuke tunes. BTW, Tom will on our Holiday Glow Show live next month, so warm up that evacuation plan and tune-in.

More bad news: Jean broke her wrist.....again! GET WELL SOON JEAN, we can't very well save the planet without you 'ya know.

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