Friday, December 19, 2008

The Winter Solstice Enviro Show

Greetings Earthlings. We celebrate the Return of the Sun with Cassie and Winifred of Awentree in Easthampton. No, it's not the manifestation of Bill O'Reilly's "War against Christmas", but hey, let's talk about the Christian War against Pagans while we're at it! Speaking of war, we'll checkout that infamous warmonger Darth Cheney and his target practice dummy (btw, do not throw your shoes at the radio). As always, we'll peek into The Enviro Show Echo Chamber for the news of the day and give you the Quote of the week, but first it's time for......Revenge of the Critters! Santa attacked by bobcat in Jersey!

There's that theme again! So Glen, how long before Darth & the boy emperor have to hang their stockings somewhere else? As you may have heard, W has been very naughty: he's endangered the polar bears. Santa will not be pleased!

That heartwarming tune, "All I want for Christmas is to impeach the President" takes us to the Enviro Show Echo Chamber where there's good news to report (finally!), three dams are to be taken out on the Klamath River in Oregon and California (you see, it's not all gloom & doom). Having said that, the Amazon? Not so much. AND this: Obama's pick of Ken Salazar for Interior Secretary gets mixed reviews. ALSO, another Enviro Show Video Blog Special, this one for the holidays!

The Enviro Show Quote of the Week comes from Jonathan Swift: “We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.”

The Pagans & the Christians" by Dar Williams takes us to our interview with.....the pagans!

Then it's on to the Bus Stop Billboard for a brief perusal:

Saturday, January 10. Washington, DC or...? Keep Winter Cold Polar Bear Plunge. We chose this date because the newly-elected U.S. Congress will be returning to Capitol Hill around this time. The new President will be inaugurated 10 days later. Our plunges into cold bodies of water will say loud and clear to our state and national government leaders that the time for strong action is now!Go to:

January 9-11, 2009 - Please join us for our annual Winter Retreat for Earth Lovers, to be held at Earthlands in Petersham, Massachusetts. Take some time to reflect in the depths of winter while connecting with the natural world and with one another. Spaces are limited, so sign up soon! Please see our website for a retreat flyer with details and registration information,

Saturday, January 17th, All day. Join the Northeast Organic Farming Association for the 22nd Annual Winter Conference, Organic Farming: The Roots of a Sustainable Community. The conference will be held at Worcester Vocational Technical High School in Worcester from 9:00am-5:30pm. Pre-registration is now open. For more information, visit the NOFA/Mass website or contact Conference Coordinator, Jassy Bratko at (978) 928-5646

We'll go out with "The holidays are here and we're still at war" by Brett Dennen. Can you belive this?? Next time it's the wonderful world of run-off. Until then remember: listen to your Mother!

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