Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Enviro Critters Show, Part 1

Sorry about the delay, folks. We were clueless until the last moment as to whether the show would be pre-empted a half hour (We were going to call it the "Half-ass Show" with a nod to wild burros) by the Alito hearings. With that in mind, we had a look at the designee's record (such as it is) on the planet. We came up with a bad report card from those o-so nice people at the Sierra Club.

Check-out the GOOD NEWS on Big Mountain (below). We read a little on this from the alleged "paper of record".

Brad Compton, wildlife biologist at UMass, joined us to discuss the Endangered Species Act(ESA) and the beating it's taking on Capitol Hill. We had a look at NRDC's take on Senator Crapo's (we're not making this up.....really!) assault on the ESA, as well as the police report on Rep. Pombo's assault on the ESA last year. Listeners might want to TAKE ACTION on this critical issue. After all, we DO share this small blue planet with others.....but hey, we don't need to tell you that, right?

We had a good laugh at the Bush regime for their bogus move to add hatchery fish to the wild salmon count. A reprint in Green Living caught our eye on this. The original article appeared in The Ecologist (sorry, have to sign-up for that one), talking about the Enemies of the Earth trying to inflate, skew, or otherwise fuck with the numbers so they can go on destroying the planet at will.

As you may have heard: Jean is REALLY back! She told us about her adventures in Hong Kong with the WTO and that low-life org's efforts to endanger just about EVERYTHING!!

Next time, for Part 2 of The Enviro Critters Show, we'll have a look at some local issues (naturally, WalMart figures in on this one). Sooooo, remember as you find your way through the mists in the doorway of 2006: Listen to your Mother.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of threatened species, checkout the scene at the Japanese whale hunts where Greenpeace goes "wah! wah!" while Sea Shepherd kicks ass:

>>Whaling and protest ships collide in Antarctic waters

Japanese officials are claiming that a Greenpeace ship intentionally hit a whaling ship in the Southern Ocean on Sunday. But crewmembers of the protest vessel say the whaler rammed their smaller ship, and they've posted video of the incident on the Greenpeace blog. The collision left a big dent in the activist ship's hull, damaged a mast, and scared the bejeezus out of the Greenpeacers, who say they practice only nonviolent protest. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, meanwhile, has taken full and unapologetic credit for intentionally sideswiping a whaling supply ship yesterday. Vessels from the two activist groups have been harassing Japanese whaling ships as they hunt for 850 minke and 10 fin whales in the Southern Ocean this season. Japan claims it's legally hunting the cetaceans for scientific research, but the eco-groups -- as well as some countries that are members of the International Whaling Commission -- counter it's really an illegal commercial hunt for whale meat.<<

Video here: