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Clearcutting the Future
“No man manages his affairs as well as a tree does.” ~George Bernard Shaw
Most foresters, almost all loggers and even some wildlife biologists are still signing on to dated notions of destructive “management” of our woodlands. Some of that logging is today called by such euphemisms as “patch cuts” or “shelterwood cuts” but all that is just a fabrication for smaller clearcuts patched together. If you have ever in your life walked such scenes of devastation you know in your gut, in your heart, something is terribly wrong. Others not so moved may ask why should we care? Ask any ecologist or biologist who is up to speed on the most recent studies on forests and climate change: we need all the carbon sequestration our woodlands and neighborhoods can offer.
Trees offset approximately 25 to 30 percent of human-caused emissions of carbon (they also remove other gaseous pollutants through the leaf surface by absorbing them with normal air components). Trees, soil, life forms in the soils and perennials must be left undisturbed in order to do their important work. Preserving trees, no matter where they grow, and protecting the soil that sustains them is one of the few things everyday people can do personally to try and mitigate climate chaos. All the other options for carbon sequestration are pretty much out of our hands as individuals.
The Climate Crisis is upon us and outmoded notions about anything other than removing trees that are life threatening or needed to heat the homes of those who can’t afford expensive options, need to be reexamined. The science is out there but so are far too many uninformed people laboring under the misconception that times have not changed. They have. We live in the opening days of climate chaos. We are the cause, but we can also be part of the response. All we have to do is do it.
– d.o.

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