Monday, August 21, 2006

The Enviro Birthday Show

There is sooooooo much going on. It’s our one-year anniversary here at the Enviro Show. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Our B-Day present from Glen? PODCAST!! Yes, now you can listen to us drone on ANYTIME! Checkout the link in a few weeks for all the past shows. Jeff Lacy of the Shutesbury Planning Board joined us as we took a look at forest preservation efforts locally. We heard from Thom Hartman on Camp Democracy that begins September 5th in DC. We’re also closing in on a not-so-happy anniversary, that being Hurricane Katrina’s landfall on the Gulf Coast. We had a look at lessons learned (or not learned) from that disaster, but first....

It was Revenge of the Critters time! Rare egg thief discovers the laws of physics! Then: It’s one year since Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. The aftermath not only left countless people dead, wounded or homeless, it also left a toxic legacy that haunts them still. Getting back to homeless in the Big Easy: Katrina has created the first massive movement of previously predicted climate refugees.

Closer to home, Governor Mitt finally comes up with a plan! Where does he get the energy! Also, one that got D.O. in a lather: Greenpeace stages pro-corporate privatization tour!

"The Trees", by Rush from their live "Different Stages" disc took us to our interview with Jeff Lacy on forest preservation. Then it was on to the....

Bus Stop Billboard:

Tuesday August 22 7 PM , Arms Library, Shelburne Falls, Reel World Film Series’ "PEACEABLE KINGDOM" At a time when the public is more concerned than ever about the health and environmental problems associated with large-scale factory farming, Peaceable Kingdom explores another angle of this unfolding story: the interconnected life journeys of farm animals , former farmers, and animal rescuers struggling against an out of control industrial system

Tuesday August 29 7 PM, "THIRST"
Thirst is an important and timely film vividly illustrating the human costs of commodifying a most basic human right - water. Explores how power, politics and money all contribute to the raging international debate about water policy. Thirst tells a powerful and vital story of resistance and survival.

Thursday, August 24, 4pm. Weekly Green Energy Vigil; at the Wells Fountain in Brattleboro, VT at Junction of Linden and Main St. Call 802-387-4060

Friday, August 25, Anniversary of Katrina. Critical Mass Bike Ride for Climate Action. Check for rides near you.

Saturday August 26, Noon - 3pm. Protest and Rally Demanding Climate Justice and Truth Telling from the NOAA Leadership. NOAA headquarters, 1305 East-West Hwy, Silver Spring, MD. Contact: U.S. Climate Emergency Council,,, 973-338-5398

And, of course, Camp Democracy starts Tuesday, September 5th on the National Mall in DC. Save yourselves! Save the planet! Drive the neocons out of Washington!!

Finally, Friday September 8, 7 PM; House Party, RSVP, Meet the Green-Rainbow candidate for governor: Grace Ross. No matter your gubernatorial choice, this candidate is worth hearing. Her voice is the voice of healthy environments and sustainable economy, health care, small business and so much more that we care about. Call 413-256-1760

We went out with "The End of Summer" (hmmm...) by Dar Williams. That's right campers, summer '06 is almost history. Quick, go swimming!

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