Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Climate of Crisis Enviro Show

Whoa! The anniversary of Katrina just behind us, the anniversary of 9/11 just ahead (be very afraid: vote Repugnican!) and the start of Camp Democracy TODAY! Our glass of woes and resistance runneth over. Our friend Paki joined us...sort of, to tell of her very recent experience running a donated truck down to the Big Easy. We had a call-in from Camp Democracy in DC, but first.....It's time for Revenge of the Critters! Yes! Yellow jacket nests as big as a Volkswagon!

Then Tom Neilson joined us for a radio debut of his yet to be recrded tune "Greenland's melting to the sea", which reminds us that we called this the Climate of Crisis Enviro Show 'cuz not only is the planet's climate in chaos due to industrial civilization, but the civilization itself is a crisis, much of due to the fearful destructive policies of the Bush regime. We had just a few examples (who can take more than a few??):

1) Did you think the crisis in Lebanon was over? ERRRR! There's the buzzer! Sorry, wrong again! The ecological disaster resulting from the Israel bombing of a Lebanese power plant, spilling 10,000 to 15,000 tons of heavy fuel oil into the Mediterranean Sea, continues. This from Grist.

2) Soooo, there was too much water in New Orleans last year, and too much in the Northeast this year, but guess what: there's nooooo water in the plains.

3) Closer to home where we have a potential nuke crisis hanging over our heads: Vermont Yankee gets some bad news for a change.

4) Now, for some good news: in response to butt-ugly U.S. kar kulture students at MIT are Breaking the Gas Ceiling! AND, more good news from the Other Coast....kind of.

Then we moved on to our report on the situation down in New Orleans from one of our favorite Raging Grannies, Paki Weiland. It's a crisis of governmental imcompetence down there friends, in the richest nation on Earth. Through the magic of the ancient cassette recorder Paki gave us her impressions while she's actually in another state! Then we heard from David Swanson at Camp Democracy

Bus Stop Billboard:

Saturday, September 9, Noon - 4pm Peace & Sustainability Fair, Unitarian Society, 220 Main St. in Northampton. Local peace and social justice groups interested in participating or tabling at this event should contact us by emailing

Tuesday, September 12, All Day. Climate Crisis Day at Camp Democracy on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Go to

Thursday, Sept14,5:30-7:30pm.Tri-state CAN meeting
Downstairs Meeting Room, Greenfield Community College Downtown Office, 270 Main St, Greenfield, MA. Learn what CAN is up to and how you might get involved. We have ongoing efforts to shutdown Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor (just over the border in Vernon, VT). There is much going on! Broader public involvement is essential!

Thursdays 9/7,14,21,28, 4-5pm, Brattleboro, VT. Weekly Green Energy Vigil: Wells Fountain, Junction of Linden and Main, Brattleboro, VT. Every week until Vermont Yankee is closed. For more info 802-387-4060.

September 22-24, University of Massachusetts, Campus Center
"Our Communities, Our Water", Water Privatization: Global and Local Issues in the 21st Century. Keynote speaker Francis Moore Lappe

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