Thursday, December 01, 2005

Stroll-in on climate disruption

On Saturday, December 3 at 1pm on Main Street in Northampton the hosts of WXOJ-LP Valley Free Radio's Enviro Show will be observing the International Day of Action on Global Warming with a local call to action. A "Stroll-in on Climate Disruption" invites parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and future parents to promenade up & down Main Street with strollers, rollers, and whatever moves you (don't forget signs against climate change!) in an effort to further the growing campaign against global warming. We'll be on hand to interview participants for the show and to award a prize for the most creative stroller or roller.

The event is part of the international grassroots effort to stop global warming and the “Climate Crisis, USA Join the World!” campaign calling on Washington to GET REAL and sign the Kyoto protocol on climate change. From November 28 to December 9 representatives from over 150 countries will be meeting at a major United Nations Climate Conference in Montreal. We can add our voices to the growing cry for sanity. The health and well-being of our children, grandchildren and all inhabitants on planet Earth depend on us.

For more info email us at: enviroshow (at)
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