Friday, December 09, 2005

The Enviro Holidaze Glow Show

We are psyched for the season. Tamara sits in for Jean and rings in the Winter Solstice. Jean's off to India for more tree hugging. WATCH THAT WRIST JEAN!
Then we endure D.O.'s annual homage to Marley's Ghost (can't he be happy just shopping??) No way! We continue our grinchy trashing of the holiday shopping frenzy and over-all over-consumption in the Land of the Fatties. Happy Holidaze!

Then it's on to the answers for the Enviro Show's Question of the Day that we asked at the "Stroll-in on Climate Disruption" on December 3. Recall that was the International Day of Action on Climate Change? Well it must've been a BIG success 'cuz the streets of Northampton were FILLED WITH STROLLERS! Strangely though, no one brought any signs!!

Tom Neilson will be joining us to help put the glow in the show with live music on the joys of nuclear power. Like a bent fuel rod in an overheating pool of light water, Tom's tunes have a way of escaping into the atmosphere. Remember dear listener: nukes know no borders. You sure you don't want to SHUT IT DOWN??

Also, Debby Katz of the Citizens Awareness Network joins us for the lowdown on that leaky old Vernon nuke and its potential to give you the most radiant holiday you'll ever know. Deb rocks the region with seemingly endless energy directed at shutting down the enemies of the Earth. If it's about nukes,Deb knows it. Do not miss this interview.

Finally we visit the Bus Stop Bill Board (formerly the Bulletin Board but that sounded awfully boring!) for upcoming events like "Alternative Energy - Where do we go from here?". And, for our fellow pagans out there and in honor of the Solstice, we close with Dar Williams' "The Christians & the Pagans"; a real hoot. HAPPY HOLIDAZE!

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enviroshow said...

Synchronicity lives! Last night we were talking about nukes being shopped around as the cure for climate change, right? Checkout GRIST's piece here:

You'll have trouble however, finding the word CONSERVATION!!