Monday, December 26, 2005

The Enviro Old Year Show

Jean’s back? Well, she apparently brought back airline cabin fever from her frontal assault on the WTO in Hong Kong so we won’t know ‘til the last minute if she’ll be sitting in. Phone-in from the sick bed? Stay tuned.

We started last August with the sounds of the swamp that Ed captured. Giving voice to the voiceless, no? Well, sort of. We bashed you over the head with rants on climate change just as Katrina was bearing down on the Big Easy, reminding you that it’s really "just a theory"; you know, like Jor-al and his crazy ideas on the fate of Krypton.

Before we knew it, Halloween was upon us and we came up with a list of really horrific enviro woes like WALMART!!; the Bird Flu; and a bunch of yucky stuff no one can remember, like the Mt. Tom coal-burner or alleged Intelligent Design (why would anything intelligent design a Bill O’Rielly?). Given the season we thought it best not to do the show LIVE! Sooooo, we pre-recorded our Halloween special so’s we could do (ahem!) OTHER things around Halloween, but we made sure to remind everyone that their children are "Born as ghosts".

Then it was on to a healthy degree of toxic exposure; leaky old nukes (V-e-r-n-o-n N-u-k-e...remember?) and endless Bush-bashing. But no one can bash Bush like RFK, Jr. so we thought we’ cap-off? the year with an excerpt from his excellent "Crimes against Nature" speech given at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco (we know: the Commonwealth is here, yes?).

On the Bus-stop Bulletin Board we have an important hearing on climate disruption in Massachusetts coming up on the 17th in West Springfield. It's your chance to vent on Romney's minions for bailing on the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

We'll go out with Dar Williams' “Better Things” in hopes they are too come, right?So....umm...happy new year (can't be as bad as the last just can't....right?)

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