Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Enviro Show Halloween Special

You can count of Dracula being on the show along with such ecological horrors as The Gray Goo, The Bird Flu, and an unhealthy dose of monstrous sprawl. Also, we have of an exclusive interview with...are you ready? Satan! Yess! The little devil is up to no good with his friends in DC, as usual, so tune us in Tuesday night for the low-down (waayyyy down). So, here’s what it looks like:

>[music: "Born as Ghosts" Rage against the Machine]
"Good EVE-en-ning!"
>Intro w/a nod to threatened species like….vampires!
>The Gray Goo – Singularity raises its ugly head and scares the bejesus out of all of us
>The Revenge of the Birds! – how the Asian Bird Flu will spoil your day
>Halloween horrors for other species – The Endangered Species Act takes a hit, but the bears get some revenge
>Interview with The Evil One….no, not Dick Cheney
>[music: "It’s the End of the world as we know it" REM]
>Monstrous Sprawl headed toward the Valley – RUN FOR IT! – interview with our favorite Sprawlbusters
>Bulletin Board – not very scary
>The Weather – very scary lately
>[music: "Space Invader" The Pretenders]

Now, it's time for The Invisible Enviro Show Halloween Special!

This is the part of the show you won't hear (ok, so it's silent, not invisible) this Tuesday night 'cuz there's no time to fit all we have to scare you with into one measly hour. Sooooooo, on with the show!
Remember a few weeks back when Antidote Radio had that looooong rockin' interview with Diane Wilson, the "Unreasonable Woman" from Texas? Remember our last show when Glen talked about the plastic oceans? Well, last week Wilson's "favorite" Lone Star plastic plant shall we say? skyhigh?. That sucker blew up. Plastic everywhere! Yuck!
Not scary enough for you? How about the year 2005 being HOT AS HELL! It didn't seem that way here in the Northeast, but NASA's Goddard Space cadets say the whole picture is not so cool. Brrrrr! More soon.

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