Monday, October 31, 2005

The Amazing Coincidence Enviro Show!

Our November One post-Halloween show will feature the incredible weather records being broken, such as the smallest ice pack, greatest intensity hurricane ever recorded, drought in the Amazon, fastest thawing of the so-called "perma-frost" (used to be frozen but now it will be called "perma-thaw" instead), well you get the idea. All these amazing coincidences are really interesting, but of course they don't prove a damn thing! How about some verbiage about the amazing coincidence that we have the worst president in history while all this is happening!!

We'll be covering the Enemies of the Earth's proposed roll-backs in environmental review standards for new oil and gas extraction so we can speed up the destruction of the planet even more! And, not to forget, the amazing coincidence of lowering pollution standards so that we can have more gruesome environmental and health impacts FOR EVERYONE!!

AND, we'll be bringing up the post-Halloween, very scary concept of the "tipping point" or turning point in the climate when change starts accelerating because of re-enforcing feedback. Yes, dear listeners: what goes around comes around! [are there enough exclamation points here?]

As always, we'll have our Bulletin Board full of things that go bump up against The Machine in the night, such as:

* Tuesday November 1 & 8
November 1, 7:30pm, Hadley Town Hall, 100 Middle St (intersection of
Rts 9 & 47). LoweƂ’s Planning Board hearing (same development team as
November 8, 7pm, Hadley Town Hall. Conservation Commission Notice of
Intent hearing for Wal-Mart Supercenter wetlands impacts.
Wal-Mart is planning to build a Supercenter in Hadley. The
212,000-square-foot store would be the largest single building in town
history and the third Supercenter in Massachusetts. Supercenters usually
include a grocery store, gas station, garden center, and other features. It
would be part of an expansion that includes more movie theaters and another
100,000-sq-ft building. Site plans available at Town Hall, 100 Middle St,
during normal business hours, or see Hadley
Neighbors for Sensible Development is fighting sprawl. It's likely that only
Hadley folk will be allowed to speak at hearings, but a big public showing
is nonetheless important. Info:
A coalition of groups is working to change and challenge Wal-Mart.
Check out Western Mass Wal-Mart Voices at

* Saturday November 5
11am, Town Common, Rts 116 & 9, Amherst [OK, so it's not in the night]. Campaign to stop a new Wal-Mart "Supercenter" from being built on Rt. 9 wetlands and farmland. Celebrate community and send a message that a Wal-Mart Supercenter is
antithetical to the quality of life in the Pioneer Valley. Info: 549-1193,, or 746-5374,;
A coalition of groups is working to change and challenge Wal-Mart.
Check out Western Mass Wal-Mart Voices at

* The Social Justice and Food Sovereignty tour will stop in Amherst on Sunday, November 13, 7pm at Food for Thought Books at 106 N. Pleasant Street, Amherst and earlier in the day at Arise for Social Justice, 94 Rifle Street, Springfield. The tour includes Selfa Sandoval, a Guatemalan worker sharing her experiences organizing banana workers in the economic and armed violence of Guatemala; members of the Beehive Design Collective bringing their internationally acclaimed art presentation depicting a cogent analysis of global justice; Stephen Bartlett of Agricultural Missions who will translate and talk about food security from a global perspective, a local Valley farmer will talk about food security from a local perspective, and Palmer Legare will talk about regional and international aspects of the movement to close the School Of the Americas. In 2002 Legare spent three months in Ft. Devens Prison Camp in Ayer, Massachusetts after a nonviolent demonstration against the SOA.

The event will be free, accessible and open to all. We will collect donations to support the tour and the work to close the School Of the Americas. The tour is sponsored by Agricultural Missions, Inc, Oxfam America, the Hunger Program of the Presbyterian Church USA, and numerous other national and state organizations. For more information, contact Palmer Legare at 802-426-3783 or


An action alert from OCEANA (

* The Jumpstart Ford Campaign has declared this November 12th a "National Day of Intervention" at Ford dealerships. Most dealers are independently-owned businesses. Many are already feeling the pressure of selling gas-guzzlers in the age of the hybrid. Grassroots activists will be at over 100 of locations around the US and Canada to call on dealerships to join us in pressuring Ford to make an ecological U-turn and come to its senses. Go to:

* The U.S. Senate could soon take up a bill that would cripple the Endangered Species Act - putting nearly 1,300 species at risk of extinction. Grizzly bears, grey wolves and bald eagles are part of America's natural heritage, and it's our responsibility to make sure they are here for generations.

That's why Environmental Defense is launching an Emergency Campaign to Save the ESA. The first step is to tell your senators to protect endangered species and our natural heritage.
Go to:

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Well, that went well, no? Unfortunately there's some problem w/the webstream (though, in true VFR tradition some say there's no problem!), but we'll have that up and running for our November 15 show......won't we....?
Meanwhile, D.O. has been hacking away at the far right fundies on his own blog, trying to defend the planet against its enemies and having....not a too bad time of it.

Don't forget: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5 at 11am, Amherst Town Common. STP SPRAWLMART!!