Thursday, July 22, 2010

Biomess Demo in Boston August 5th!

Greetings Earthlings. We have some interesting news for you on the Biomess front here in the Northeast. From August 4 through 6 Biomass Magazine is hosting its Northeast Biomass Conference & Expo at the Westin Copley Place at the corner of Dartmouth and St. James in Boston near Copley Plaza in Boston. We here on The Enviro Show, having broken the story in Western Mass. on the Biomess long ago, and taking every opportunity to expose biomass incineration schemes to some needed sunlight, thought it important to demonstrate to the industry and the public at large, our continued opposition to the Biomess. With that in mind, we and our activist friends from Stop Spewing Carbon and elsewhere are proposing a "Protest the Biomess" action in front of the Westin Copley Place hotel on Thursday, August 5 at 4pm.

On the conference website, Biomess boosters state "The Northeast U.S. has vast forestry, agricultural and municipal biomass resources" which in Biomess-speak means they would like to burn-up our forests and incinerate our toxic demolition and construction debris for fun & profit while we are left to suffer the consequences. To this we say: we don't think so! But, we'd LOVE to say it with YOU on the street in front of the industry's dog & pony show on August 5th.

We've already had several victories in the struggle against biomass incineration here in Massachusetts. We think we should continue to shed sunlight on the industry's hype so that our neighbors become fully aware of what a scam biomass incineration really is and how it will impact their lives and those of future generations. So, won't you join us in Boston on August 5 at 4pm? All you have to do is show up!

Spread the word!! Save the trees! Protect the biosphere!

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