Friday, July 16, 2010

The Big Oily Enviro Show, Part II

Greetings Earthlings. Had enough of THE worst environmental disaster in U.S. history? Think it's over? Imagine if you were an oyster with no where to go! Jennifer Seavey was going to return to these microphones with tales from the depths of despair. She's doing post doc at the University of Florida, examining oysters in the Gulf of Mexico. Sadly, her fellow scientist asked her not to come on the show because "there is a lot of nervousness about talking to the press right now". Of course, this is all about BP trying to control the science around their f'ing crimes! We'll look into some more of BP's nefarious deeds and such like in The Enviro Show Echo Chamber, checkout the Quote of The Week, and perhaps venture into our E-Valley-uation segment, but first it's time for.....Revenge of the Critters! Are you ready for this? Amelia Earhart attacked by crabs!. Now we know.

This time The Enviro Show Quote of the Week comes from in-house. It's D.O.'s mean commentary on the BP disaster: Where's Big Green?

In the Enviro Show Echo Chamber we find our friends at Ocean River Institute calling on Obama to federalize the Gulf clean-up. And this from the Huffington Post: BP trying to buy scientists! Also from Huff: George Lakoff on Conservatism's Death Gusher (actually George, they're not conservatives in the real sense 'cuz they don't CONSERVE!). And this Enviro Show Blog Bonus: Stop Big Oil Bailouts!

"Wash up over me" by Ethan Miller & Kate Boverman takes us to our E-Valley-uaton segment it's excellent news on the Biomess front: Another victory in Massachusetts!. Sorry Madera Energy, looks like your shrinking and your flying monkeys have morphed. What a world! What a world! O, by the way, Biomess warriors took their case to DC. Read all about it here.

After all that we'll stroll over to the old Bus Stop Billboard:

Wednesday, July 21, 10:30 am: New England Climate Summer bicyclists are in town! They'll be visiting Garden the Community folks at 10:30 and we're planning other events with them. More to come (see Thursday)!

Wednesday, July 21, Noon to 1pm. Brown bag lunch vigil at Rep. Neal's office, 300 State Street, Springfield. Part of a week of actions that support people and the planet over corporate polluters like BP. Sponsored by Progressive Democrats of America. Email:

Thursday, July 22, 6 pm: New England Climate Change bicyclers will speak at the Forest Park Library, 380 Belmont Ave., Springfield to: Explain some of the scientific, social, and political aspects of climate change, Hear from local environmental groups, Hold an open discussion about the energy future of Springfield and the State.

Friday, July 23, 7pm. Benefit concert for the Greenfield No Biomass vote. Old Tavern Farm, 817 Colrain Road, Greenfield. Green River String Band, Glen Ayers on banjo! & Jarad Weeks on bagpipes.

Wednesday, July 28, 6:00-8:00pm. Massachusetts Biomass Policy Development Public Meeting. Holyoke Community College. Leslie Philips Auditorium (Building C)303 Homestead Avenue,Holyoke. Call 617-626-7327

August 10th, 12 Noon. Rally at Rep. Neal's office, 300 State St., Springfield. Get corporate dollars out of Washington! Sign the Pledge! Sponsored by

Saturday, August 14 The Vermont Citizens Action Network will host a potluck dinner at the Organ Barn at Tree Frog Farm in Guilford, Vermont. Call 413-625-6177 for reservations.

Sunday afternoon, August 15. An outdoor concert and CD Release Party—also at Tree Frog Farm. Call 413-625-6177

That's about it. Next time it's our Birthday party and YOU'RE invited. Bring ice cream, ok? And remember to listen to your Mother (unlike BP & friends).

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