Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sorry, no inter-galactic intervention today. Back to work!

If you heard last night's Enviro Show you may have caught the reference to the "Gallactic Federation" supposedly making contact with us sorry humans here on planet Earth yesterday. Of course we had our collective tongue deeply embedded in our collective cheek when we spoke about it, but hey: if it takes aliens to save us from the Repugnicans and the corporados, so be it! Well, sad to say, magical thinking time is over. No alien contact that we can find (and D.O.'s been monitoring real-time satellite cameras on Earth). Guess we'll just have to save the planet ourselves. That means it's up to us and YOU, dear listener.

Soooo, first off let's make sure crazy John McSame and FrankenBarbie don't get elected, or if the Repugnicans try stealing another election, we fightback this time. Of course, we need to continue the struggle against the climate crisis as well; through government; personally; and with other actions. And remember: listen to your Mother!

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