Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Community Enviro Health Enviro Show

Greetings Earthlings. We’ve been focusing on the community's health here lately with regard to the proposed expansion of the Northampton dump over the Barnes Aquifer and tonight we’ll be hearing from author/activist, Jeff Conant whose recent book "A Community Guide to Environmental Health" seems right up our alley. As always we’ll be checking in on Darth Cheney, the boy emperor, John McSame and Sarah Barracuda (all prime suspects in an organized criminal enterprise disguised as a political party). We’ll checkout some news on the Enviro Show Echo Chamber and have the Quote of the Week, but first it’s time for...Revenge of the Critters! Deer attacks hunter and lawn chair!

Glen? Is it safe to come out yet? Will we ever be rid of the Bush regime? What if John McSame & Caribou Barbie steal the election? Will the Dark Lord continue his rein? We posted the candidates enviro programs on the Indymedia Climate site. Suffice it to say, the McSame/Palin plan is shall we say? Malnourished? Are we surprised that Grampy McSame (pssst, he’s crazy) failed to mention the climate crisis during his acceptance speech at the RNC? They did however have a group chant: "drill baby, drill!" (is this a Hollywood movie we're in??). We can’t make this stuff up! Once again we find ourselves quoting Thomas Friedman (sorry) who hits the nail on the head regarding McSame: "John McCain has completed his makeover from the greenest Republican to run for president to just another representative of big oil". (Thomas must’ve been listening to our show!) ALSO, that’s the Bush regime’s Minerals Management Service that was caught with their pants down recently. We thought the Repugnicans were God-fearing folk! Drugs? Sex? Graft and corruption? We are shocked, shocked we say!

"The American War" by Simone White takes us to The Enviro Show Quote of the Week which comes from former president Dwight Eisenhower. This is in recognition of Hurricane Ike and the warmongering comments of the Repugnican Vice Presidential candidate with regard to Russia. We'll hear it in Ike's own words.

In The Enviro Show Echo Chamber we checkout Climate Indymedia for a report on the Biotechnology Industry designing nightmare biofuels. AND, speaking of nightmares, checkout this bone-chilling video for our Enviro Show Blog Bonus. And a SPECIAL Blog ACTION Bonus for you is here. FINALLY, this from the New York Times: Dems cave on offshore drilling ban. (groan) And speaking of offshore, the HIGHLY endangered North Atlantic Right Whale needs your HELP!.

On the Bus Stop Billboard:

Wednesday, September 17. National Call-in Day. Stop unlimited loan guarantees for construction of new nuclear reactors! Stop the offshore oil drilling give-away! Call the Senators at 202-224-2131 or (800) 828 – 0498 or (800) 614 – 2803.

Thursday, Sept. 18 & 25; 4:30 - 5:30 pm. Weekly Green Energy Vigil!! Wells Fountain, Junction of Linden and Main, Brattleboro, VT. We will be here every week until Vermont Yankee is closed. Come join US!! for more info 802-387-4060.

Saturday, September 20th, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Amherst Bike Fair on the Amherst Town Common. Contact Mary Wentworth for The Commons Group 413/256-6005.

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008 @ 7:00 PM. Regional landfill expansion health study forum & meeting. JFK Middle School Community Room. Info at:

Wednesday September 24, 5-6:30pm, ARE "GREEN JOBS" UNION & COMMUNITY JOBS? Pioneer Valley CLC, 640 Page Blvd, Springfield. Networking and sharing by the Western Mass. Green Economy Working Group. Info: Jon Weissman, 827-0301, or Eduardo Suarez, 335-6224,

Wednesday September 24, 7pm, TAKING CONTROL OF OUR FOOD SUPPLY: GROWING A NEW VISION FOR SPRINGFIELD. Christ Church Cathedral, 35 Chestnut St, Springfield. What if we could make sure that everyone in our community had access to healthy, delicious, low-cost food? Springfield. Info: 734-4948,

Sunday, September 28, All day at Look Park. Bike Fest ’08. Parade, group rides, special events. Go to: for more info and cool visuals or call 413-204-0393.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3 at 7 PM. Climate of Hope. A 25 minute video on climate change, the nuclear fuel chair and the remarkable energy revolution that is underway. GRACE EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Parish Hall, Spring St., near the Common) in AMHERST.

That does it for this week. Check us out next time for a look at animal rights, and remember to LISTEN TO YOU MOTHER! O, by the way: Momma needs Obama!! (Remember, you heard it here first).

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Anonymous said...

That was a really great show. You guys should also do a show on snow mobiles and other obnoxious rec (wreck!) vehicles. Thanks for your work!