Saturday, September 06, 2008

Bush bullshits nation for Big Oil…..again

On Saturday, during his regular radio address, George Bush once again played the coastal drilling card for his fellow corporados in Big Oil. We are not surprised. It was on the floor of the Repugnican National Convention last week that we witnessed the drones chanting "drill baby, drill". It seems if the Party of Big Oil had its way we’d see the sprawl of oil rigs off all our coastlines; maybe cropping up in national parks as well.

Bush claimed "the Outer Continental Shelf could eventually produce nearly 10 years' worth of U.S. oil production", when in fact only under three years worth is estimated by the Energy Information Administration. Experts also point out that lifting the congressional ban on offshore drilling would not produce more oil for five to seven years.
Also, Bush once again attempted to blame the Dems for ignoring the public's demand for relief from high energy prices, when in fact it has been the Repugnicans who have held up action in congress. As noted in the Dems radio response to Bush’s address, even Repugs like T-bone Pickens note that "we can’t drill our way out of this mess". But when the Dems tried to put the screws to oil speculators raising prices at the pump or to pressure Big Oil to "use it or lose it" with their existing leases, the Party of Big Oil gridlocks congress with tactics familiar to anyone who ever had to endure College Repugnicans. In fact, it is the GOP that now has the all-time record for the most filibusters in congress. Voters should remember that the next time some Repugnican goes off about a "do-nothing congress"!

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