Friday, October 12, 2007

The No War/No Warming Enviro Show

Greetings Earthlings. Happy Blog Action Day (get active!). It's the War against Nature meets the War for Oil on The Enviro Show. Ted Glick, who is on the second month of the Climate Emergency Fast, called in about the upcoming No War, No Warming action in Washington, DC on October 21st and 22nd. Also, Kate Sowder Zalzal, a Masters of Science Candidate at the Umass Climate System Research Center, who is conducting paleoclimate studies in the Canadian High Arctic, joined us to discuss some of the science behind the climate crisis. If you were anywhere near Montague during the show there was a meeting about the corporate threat to our water. Also, we delved into the news on The Enviro Show Echo Chamber, but first it was time for......Revenge of the Critters! Keeping with the military theme: Flipper armed and dangerous!

"Blood for Oil" by Lisa Rhodes and Mary Ann Naz took us to the Enviro Show Echo Chamber. First we gloated over Nestle's bailing from their Montague Plains wildlife refuge aquifer privatization scheme, as reported in the Greenfield Recorder, but don't put away your monkey wrench just yet, they may look for private land to facilitate their theft of the peoples water. Also, we warned you it was coming, now it's official from the BBC: "Warming opens Northwest Passage". Of course the big news last week was Al Gore and the IPCC receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. Run Al, run! But hey, check our Blog Action Day bonus link out: our friends at Rainforest Action Network think Al should get arrested! And this from Grist: Think outside the bottle campaign kicks off! Also, U.S. Interior Department slammed on climate data.

Following our conversation with Ted Glick, we went on to our interview with Kate Sowder. At that point one of our loyal listeners burst into the studio (so much for homeland security) waving around an old folk LP with a song titled "Northwest Passage" by Stan Rogers. We went out on that. What else could we do? She held the album to our heads!

As usual, we checked out the Bus Stop Billboard:

Tuesday, October 16 --Public Meeting on Nestle Corp and the Montague Plains aquifer; 7:00-9:00pm, at the Grange Hall in Montague Center.

Thursday , Oct. 18, 5 PM Wake Up Wal-Mart Rally in response to new reports of lead-laced toys, tainted snacks, poisonous pet food and other products which Wal-Mart is buying from China at low cost. Simultaneous rallies will be held in Springfield, Chicopee, and Westfield. For more info, please contact Tyrone Housey at , call (413) 732-6209 x17, or visit

Friday, October 19. Iraq Moratorium. Wear a black arm band all day to remind yourself and others that the war grinds on and people are dieing. AND take part in a Vigil and demonstration on the corner of State and Main in Northampton at 12:00 noon until 1:00 p.m.

Oct. 21-23, all day. No War, No Warming. Washington, DC. Go to: or email: or
Monday, Oct. 22, 6:30pm, Food for Thought Books. U.S. Social Forum Report-back & Next Steps for the Social Forum movement in Wmass. 106 North Pleasant St., Amherst, MA. Contact Maya at 917-833-1950 or Doug at 413-584-8975.

Tuesday, Oct. 23, 11am. Mass. Fish & Wildlife Board Meeting in Northfield. At press time the venue site was yet to be announced but when it is, get there at 10:30 for a vigil in support of the protection of the Montague Aquifer. Stop Nestle’s scheme to privatize the peoples water! Watch for the announcement.

Saturday, October 27th & Saturday, November 10th , 1:00 – 3:00 pm. A walking tour of the Montague Plains and Bitzer Fish Hatchery will explore the aquifer that Nestle is interested in tapping as a source of bottled water. Learn the natural history of the aquifer by walking on the glacial sands of the Montague Plains off Turners Falls Road in Montague, then drive onto Hatchery Road where the Bitzer Fish Hatchery raises trout for stocking across the state. Meet at the Montague Plains parking area, east off Turners Falls Road, diagonal across from Hatchery Road in Montague, MA. Sponsored by the Montague Alliance to Protect Our Water. Call 367-2281

Saturday, October 27, 12 Noon. New England Mobilization to End the war Now! Boston Common. Bus information: From Northampton: Call AFSC at 413-584-8975 or email at to reserve a seat on the coach to the demonstration. From Amherst: Call 413-324-1025. Scholarships are available for those who need them, and we urge those who can’t go to contribute money for scholarships.

Ok, that's it. Next time it's The Night of the Living Dread Enviro Show, a Halloween eve special. Brrrrrrrr...

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