Monday, October 08, 2007

Cape Bag 'O Winders play the class card

This life-long visitor and working-class former resident of Cape Cod, Massachusetts has about had it with Cape Wind proponents such as a recent writer to the Martha's Vineyard Times who tried to give readers the impression that the privately-owned industrial wind plant proposed for the public waters of Nantucket Sound has all kinds of support from "union workers" and "fishermen". Driving away from the Cape recently I noticed the proponents even have a bumber sticker now designed to appeal to us workers, further playing the class card and giving the false implication that only wealthy shoreline residents are opposed to Cape Wind. Such disinformation shows just how low Cape Winders will go to push their privatization scheme. They have been using the same corporate tactics used against environmentalists in the past in their effort to silence sincere opposition to the particular sitting of this project.

The list of working people who have serious concerns about the project is long and diverse. Try these: Cape Cod Marine Trades Association, Edgartown Charter Fishing Association; Edgartown Shellfish Organization; Massachusetts Marine Trades Association; Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen’s Association; Massachusetts Commercial Fishermen’s Association; Mass Bay Inshore Commercial Fishermen’s Association; Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association; and the Provincetown Fishermen’s Association, to name just a few. In addition, I'm told the Steamship Authority and Hy-Line ferry operators are critical of placing an industrial power plant in the middle of Nantucket Sound due to navigational concerns.

If Cape Wind proponents would put as much energy into seeking alternative sites for their beloved project as they do misinforming the public, we might be able to reach more agreement on the placement for such power plants.



Anonymous said...

Shame on you for trying to pretend that there is broad based opposition to Cape Wind. Just because it's the rich folks bankrolling this mindless NIMBY-ism ... while the oil and coal companies opposed to alternative energy stand by approvingly ... does not make it a "class" issue. It is what it is.

D.O., Glen & Jean said...

Ha! It's you Cape Wind proponents who raised the issue of class and it's YOU who should be ashamed. Ashamed not only for playing the class card and using corporate tactics (eg. NIMBY) in your campaign, but ashamed for attemnpting to trash Nantucket Sound and its inhabitants so you can put a windpower feather in your cap! Like we say on the show: Cape Wind, the right project in the WRONG place!

Dona Tracy said...

All three airports, Barnstable, the Vineyard and Nantucket are opposed to this project for passenger safety. The towns and chambers of commerce are opposed. The Cape Wind bags cannot back up what they say to promote the project so they resort to childish name calling and worse yet, as you post points out, a class war? Such nonsense. They have no conscience about the environment and no feeling for the natural world. They prefer giant machines as symbols of 'doing something' rather than actually doing something personally. Just mention conservation and energy efficiency to them and see how you will be attacked!