Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Meatless B-Day with Tap Water & End of Fund Drive Enviro Show (whew!)

Greetings Earthlings, it's time to once again wish us HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We are two years old this month. Yes, it’s the Terrible Twos here at The Enviro Show. It’ll also be the final day of the VFR Fund Drive so please dig deep and make us proud of our Enviro Show listeners. It's Valley Free Radio's birthday too ya' know. Give 'em a present already! The number to call and make your pledge is (413)584-1160, that’s (413)584-1160. After we fall all over ourselves wishing each other happy birthday, we’ll talk and sing about that potential corporado water raid on the Montague Plains. Yes, it’s another Enviro Show EXCLUSIVE! Tom Neilson LIVE with his new song for the Montague Plains heard right in our studio, first time ever, goin' out to you! We’ll also check out The Enviro Show Echo Chamber. Then we’ll have a brief call-in from Will Tuttle, author of "The World Peace Diet", reminding us that meat kills, but more than we know. And, hopefully, David Kroodsma of The Ride for Climate will call-in this week from the other coast as well, but first it’s time for...Revenge of the Critters! It’s the Bulls vs. The Morons!

After we remind you to make your pledge to VFR by calling (413)584-1160, that’s (413) 584-1160, we’ll go right into The Enviro Show Echo Chamber. Some local news here, first from the MassLive site Fish Farmer sentenced for killing protected birds. Did they say "sentenced"? Ha! Check the post below for more details on justice denied (BOO!). Also, this from the Times Argus in Vermont: Brattleboro police Taser, then arrest two enviro protesters (BOO! again!!). And finally, this New York Times editorial reminds us that good water comes right out of our tap!

Then it's time to take that call-in from Will Tuttle. He's an alpha dog vegan with loads of experience on issues surrounding meat, but he's no meathead! Will is a regular columnist for VegNews Magazine, a member of the board of advisers of EarthSave International, and a regular presenter at animal rights, vegetarian, and vegan conferences and gatherings.

We'll follow-up Will with Tom Neilson's latest. You'll be the first on your block to hear this song listeners. He wrote it after hearing about Nestle's planned assault on the Montague Plains aquifer. Like we said: it's another Enviro Show exclusive!

Then it's on to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Wednesday, August 8, 7pm. Meeting for organizing against the proposed Nestle water bottling operation on the Montague Plains and the immanent threat of corporate privatization of our water. At the Common House of Pathways co-housing at the end of Mountain Laurel Path off of Florence Road between Rte 66 and Burt Pitts Rd., Florence.

August 6-9; WALK FOR A NUCLEAR FREE FUTURE-Hiroshima Day to Nagasaki Day. Focus will be on stopping a twenty year license extension for Vermont Yankee and all refurbishing and building of nuclear weapons.
Citizens Awareness Network, Call: 413-339-5781

Friday , August10, 7pm. Reel World Free Films presents: "Who Killed the Electric Car?", Arms Library; Bridge Street, Shelburne Falls. Information call: 413 625-9708.

August 8-14; The Southeast Convergence for Climate Action will be a week of trainings, workshops, and strategy sessions focused on building a no-compromise movement against the fossil fuel industry and “false solutions” to climate change. Call 303-929-9713. Go to:

Join the Solar Rollers for a day, a weekend, a week or the entire trip!
For more information or to join us, contact David Detmold- 413.863.8666 or email

Thursday, August 16, 7:30pm. Meeting in Montague on Nestle plans to raid the Montague Plains aquifer. Montague Grange Hall, on the Montague Center Common. Check our blog to confirm time and details or email us at:

We'll go out with Colleen Kattau's "No Ordinary Heifer" from her latest album, "Inhabited Woman". It is, after all, our meatless birthday show, right?
Don't forget: if you're out on your bike at night wear white, and remember to listen to your Mother!

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