Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Dumb Growth Enviro Show

It's another year on the calendar but is it gonna' be the same-old, same-old in the everyday world of business and politics? We’ll have a look at some of the dumbest ideas to come down the pike in a while proposed under the euphemism of "development" and "progress". Our favorite bardic insurgent,Tom Neilson joins us once again to put some of these ideas to music. He'll be sitting in for D.O. who will be recertifying his grandfather status (incredulous as that might be!). We’ll also take a peek at some recent news stories. And, our first product placement of the New Year! (ha!) but first it’s time for.....Revenge of the Critters! Turkey attacks SUV!

OK, on to the important stuff: product placement. We thought we’d start the New Year out right by reminding you all to BOYCOTT EXXON/MOBIL! That SHELL IS HELL! And to PASS ON CHEVRON! If you must buy gas go to CITGO. Support the Bolivarian Revolution and the Venezuelan heating oil assistance program for low-income families in the Commonwealth. Here’s an excerpt from a kick-ass op-ed Joe Kennedy had in the Globe.

In the News: The government declared Thursday that food from cloned animals is safe to eat. Eeewwwww! Not bad enough? How about this: World faces hottest year ever! And this: Giant ice island breaks off Arctic shelf. All this bad news is the result of DUMB GROWTH. Get it?? Maybe it’s time to hear that song of Tom’s that debuted on this show last year:"Greenland's melting to the sea"? Take it away Tom.....PLEASE!

Glen gives us another rant on the proposed Haskins View housing development in Amherst: how about a McMansion view? YUCK! AND: how about that soon-to-be even worse view on Rt.9? More big box anyone?

Then it's on to the Bus stop billboard:

Tuesday January 9; 8pm, GREENFIELD CONSERVATION COMMISSION MEETING – MEGA-MALL COMING? 321 High St, Greenfield. The notorious Connecticut-based mega-mall developer, Ceruzzi Holdings, is moving forward with plans to develop one or both of two sites in Greenfield with one or more big box stores. Greenfield residents are urged to come to the next Conservation Commission. Info: Sprawl-Busters, 772-6289, mailto:, go to:

Saturday January 13; 2-6pm WESTERN MASS INDYMEDIA WORKSHOP & FILM SCREENING; Media Education Foundation, 60 Masonic St, Northampton. A special screening of the new documentary "((i))" will set the stage for understanding what Indymedia is all about. The workshop itself is both an introductory session on utilizing the Indymedia site for your group or individual projects, and a media skills information exchange. Go to: and check out the site.

Sunday January 14; 3pm. PETER BARNES: "CAPITALISM 3.0: A GUIDE TO RECLAIMING THE COMMONS", Odyssey Bookshop, 9 College St (Routes 116 at 47), in the Village Commons, S Hadley, 534-7307 or 800-540-7307; mailto:; Go to: Barnes will discuss and sign his new book on reclaiming the commons, Barnes argues that these threats (from Social Security privatization to global warming) can be countered by "upgrading" capitalism (

Thursday January 18; 5-6:30pm. TRI STATE CITIZENS AWARENESS NETWORK (CAN) MEETING at the upstairs meeting room, Green Fields Market, 144 Main St, Greenfield. Join our neighbors working to shut down the Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor. Broad public involvement is essential. Info: Citizens Awareness
Network (CAN), 339-5781, mailto:;Go to:

Depart midnight before protest, return that night. $45. Info: UMass
Anti-War Coalition, 615-351-6913, mailto: If you can’t go to DC, please consider sponsoring a seat for someone else.

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