Saturday, January 20, 2007

Another Pesty Enviro Show

It’s time once again to step on the toes of our sister show, Farm to Fork, with another interview with Robin Spitko & Glenn Morin of New England Fruit Consultants. While they consult with fruit we’ll be looking at more of those Toxic Tales of Chemical Agriculture. Also, did we mention a certain housing development proposed for the Amherst/Leverett town line? We did?? Glen has more. Plus, the latest on the climate crisis and more, but first (as always) it’s time for...Revenge of the Critters! Crazy poopin' bird attacks big auto….well, A big least it must’ve seemed big to the

There’s the theme: Glen, what’s the countdown? Finally! A Darth Cheney story that doesn’t piss you off! (can I say that on radio?) The Veep told to clean out his desk! ALSO: The boy emperor addresses the nation change?. We'll see what THAT'S about! Here’s some bad news for Big Oil and their reps in the White House (and good news for the likes of us): House Votes to Rescind Oil Drillers' Tax Breaks. They giveth and they taketh away! (Errrr!) There's the buzzer. Sorry! AND (finally!) Climate chaos drives ski-heads to even more extremes! Somebody stop these guys!!

"Simple Dirt" sung by Ethan Miller & Kate Boverman from their "If all the land would rise" album takes us to our interview with Robin & the Glens. Then it's on guessed it! The Bus Stop Billboard:

Saturday, January 27th, Washington, D.C. march for peace. If you want the war in Iraq to end, D.C. is the place to be on the 27th! The Climate Crisis Coalition and Friends of the Earth have joined together to organize a Stop Global Warming/No More Oil Wars contingent in this march. The lead banner of this contingent will say, No More Oil Wars/Clean Energy Now!
We will be gathering on the Mall down by the U.S. Capitol beginning at 11 a.m, somewhere between 3rd and 7th Sts. To find out exactly where our contingent will be go to;

Weds, Jan 31; 1:30pm, 7pm NRC Generic Environmental Impact Statement Final Presentation. Lathchis Theatre, Brattleboro, VT
The NRC will Again hold public hearings to present findings on the
GEIS. They will make their power point slides and dress up in suits.
There are going to be 2 sessions. one in the afternoon and another in
the evening. call Richard Emch or email for a time to speak. 1-800-368-5642, ext. 1590 or

Wednesday, January 31, 7-9pm; PIONEER VALLEY COALITION TO CHANGE & CHALLENGE WAL-MART. Porter Lounge (3rd Floor) or another room, Converse Hall, Amherst College, Rts 116 & 9, Amherst. Fighting the Wal-Mart in Hadley and maybe in Greenfield, working on Wake-Up Wal-Mart campaigns, Info:

Sat, Feb 3; Noon **Vermont Yankee Die In**
Brattleboro, VT. sirens are always tested on the first Saturday of each month at 12 Noon. At random locations within earshot of the siren testing at noon in Brattleboro, each person agrees to participate in a die-in protest whenever possible by freezing in place, standing silent or falling down "dead". A group will be meeting at 11 am at the Harmony parking lot to walk through downtown and distribute literature and talk with people about what is going to be happening.
Contact Daniel Sicken 802-387-2798 or email

February 3-4; NEW ENGLAND “SOS” – CREATING SUSTAINABILITY RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! OPEN SPACE 10am-6pm Saturday, ACTION PLANNING!! 9am-2pm Sunday, Sirus Community, 72 Baker Road, Shutesbury. This “SOS” – Sustainability Open Space – is a free community event (meals and lodging not included at this time). It’s time for the sustainability movement in New England to relocalize, reorganize, and revitalize. This is a getting down to business,making things happen kind of an event. There are no keynote speakers, no panel discussions, and no pre-set agendas. Through the format of Open Space Technology, we self-organize as a community to develop our projects in less time and with more fun than we ever thought possible. Info, to register: Frank Deitle, 992-2555,,

We'll go out with "The Lion & the Lamb" by the Get-up Kids in honor of the big anti-war demo in DC on Saturday the 27th. So much for another grueling hour with the dirt worshiping treehuggers, huh? Tune in next time, February 6 at 6pm for our Nature Deficit Disorder Enviro Show. Please don't confuse that with social anxiety disorder, a malady pretty much invented by Big Pharma but utterly refined! Remember: listen to your Mother.

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