Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Enviro 2006 Rites of Spring Show

What a week! You name it: say hello to the new boss at Interior, same as the old boss [except maybe Kempthorne wasn't in the sack with Abramoff, but hey! ya' never know!]; new nukes globalization [Jean will have more on that]; ANWAR provision passes in the bust-the-budget bill; Russ Feingold goes after King George here and here; more bad news on the global meltdown; and a perhaps brief reprieve for the so-called Clean Air Act. BUT, in spite of all that, another vernal equinox is upon us: IT'S SPRING! With that in mind [and with any luck] Tamara, our resident witch will be joining us to get on with the rites of spring. Later in the show, former Northampton Conservation Commissioner, Joanne Montgomery will join us to talk about the DPWs beaver eradication program.

Nuclear madness! Jean tells us about the new corporate-global push for the next generation of nukes; PLUS: what's up w/the Vernon nuke? Dare we ask?? We'll play a cut from Tom Neilson's just released disc titled "Fools no More". The tune, appropriately is called "Just a little meltdown". Tom is joined on the cut by Kat Allen and Derrik Jordan.

On our Bus stop billboard there are still anti-war events happening. Checkout WMass Indymedia here or WMass AFSC here. March 28 is the anniversary of the Three Mile Island meltdown. CAN has some events planned w/that in mind:

March 23, 2006
Regional Planning Board Meeting
Franklin County Council of Government
Greenfield Community College Downtown on Main St.
7:00 PM

NRC will presen the county on relicensing of Vermont Yankee. Come and express your concerns about the NRC dog and pony show.

*** **** **** *** *
March 25, 2006
Non-Violence and Peacekeepers Training
Greenfields Market - upstairs meeting room
9-12 pm non-voiolence training
1-5 pm peacekeepers training

for more info contact 413-339-5781

*** *** *** *** ***
March 28, 2006
10:00 AM
Brattleboro Commons

*3 Miles for **Three Mile Island*

To commemorate the accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor in Pennsylvania, there will be a walk from the Brattleboro Commons to Entergy's corporate headquarters. The walk will begin at 10 AM. This is the 27th (3 cubed) anniversary of Three Mile Island accident which started at 4 AM, March 28th, 1979 near Harrisburg, PA.
Entergy Corporate Headquarters

12:00 PM
There will be a rally and action at Entergy HQ, on Old Ferry Rd. in Brattleboro, VT.

for more info contact 413-339-5781

Tune in, same bat time, same bat channel!

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John Haughton said...

It seems that you have stolen my show. My name is John Haughton and I have been broadcasting the "ENVIRO" radio programme on NEAR FM 101.6 for the past ten years. So it was great to find your web pages and that you cover the same kind of topics as I do. Even to the extent of having your Bealtaine programme. I would like to link up with you on a future programme by phone and inform our listeners about what you are doing.. Let me know if you are interested in this.
my email is John