Wednesday, November 01, 2017

An Enviro Show Special: It's the Trees, Stupid!

Greetings Earthlings. We know, we know: "When will they ever stop talking about the trees", right? How about never? Does never work for you? The fact of the matter is, without protecting and preserving the trees and forest soil climate chaos will be even worse than your worse nightmare. But don't just take our word for it (even though Glen is a soil scientist) listen to William R. Moomaw, Professor Emeritus of International Environmental Policy at the Fletcher SchoolTufts University. We'll be devoting the entire hour to Bill's presentation last month at GCTV in Greenfield. Of course, here on the blog we'll still engage in the usual fracas with the Fool-on-the-Hill and the Mad King, as well as a raucous trip to The Enviro Show Echo Chamber, but first it's time for.............Revenge of the Critters! Another listener suggested winner: Rhino takes down poacher!!

On to His Malignancy The Mad King who is trying to reverse 52 environmental rules during his brief rein; yes, one for each week of the year. We'll call it The Year of Our Discontent. Apparently, His Malignancy's  "budget proposal would slash the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s budget by 16 percent, including 6 percent from the National Weather Service" according to our friends at Grist. Meanwhile, The Mad King's fellow climate criminal over at the EPA has now blocked expert scientists from the agency's advisory boards even as the government's own Climate Assessment refutes all the administration's climate denial!  We guess Pruitt and the flat-Earth crowd only wants advice from their friends in Big Oil. And this:"Trump recently nominated coal industry lobbyist Andrew Wheeler to fill the number two spot at  the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), doubling down on his anti-climate agenda and his dangerous campaign promise to prop up the failing dirty coal industry." There's an action link here. Finally, it looks like The Mad King's pick for Secretary of Health comes straight out of Big Pharma. At least His Malignancy is consistent in placing corporados in high places, no? 

We have Breaking News! The air is..........too clean?

This week's Fool-on-the-Hill would also fit nicely above in The Mad King's segment.....except he's already been there recently As His Malignancy's pick to head NASA (in spite of the fact this guy has zero experience in science or engineering). Yes, it's another Oklahoma enemy of the Earth, Rep. Jim Bridenstine, a Repugnican climate criminal who just got trashed for his flat-Earth mentality and inexperience for the job at a nomination hearing. Watch the accompanying video on the link for some of the fool's previous remarks. We recommend you bring along a hot air sickness bag, just in case.

Our Quote of the Week fits nicely into the theme of this show on trees. It's from Jim McCaffrey formerly of  MA Sierra Club: 

"Many of you may remember fighting for strong biomass regulations for electricity production. Thanks to grassroots action, we won battles to shut down biomass plants in Greenfield and Russell, and to adopt the strictest standards in the nation for Massachusetts’ Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard.
Now the MA Department of Energy Resources is trying to push through even weaker biomass regulations for heat generation that will encourage more dirty biomass boilers to be built in communities across the state."

If Enviro Show listeners want to do something to stop this madness please go HERE

On to The Enviro Show Echo Chamber and this post-Halloween scare from Grist. Speaking of frightful things we read recently that the MA Department of Cut & Run .......err, sorry, Conservation? and Wreckreation? whatever, has considered actually poisoning beech trees in some of our state forests! 

On to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Saturday, November 4, 10 AM – 1 PM. It’s easy to take trees for granted if you see them everyday, but our region still holds some historic forests. Come walk among one of the Valley’s examples of old growth forest, guided by old growth forest expert and educator, Bob Leverett. You’ll learn what the mature forests on Mount Tom reservation contribute ecologically, historically, culturally, aesthetically, and even from a human health perspective. Space is limited and registration is required. Rain date: November 5.  Fee: Free (Donations appreciated) RSVP: Required online  

Sunday, November 5, 5:30pm. A climate march with candles and banners from Northampton High School on Elm Street to City Hall. This is a replay of our hopeful march 2 years ago when we demanded that President Obama stand up for the future of the world in Paris at the 2015 UN Climate Conference. We will rally with people young and old, elected officials and religious leaders and demand that that hopeful future be reclaimed. Contact: <

Monday, November 6, 12:15 to 12:45pm. A  stand out in front of Charlie Baker’s Office at Dwight Street in Springfield. We will demand that he Stand Up to Reclaiming Our Future. We will deliver a list of demands to make Massachusetts a fossil fuel-free model for the country and ask him to meet with us. Contact: <

Thursday, Nov 16, 12:15-12:45. Reclaiming Our Future event #3.  Protest Rally in Springfield  in front of State Office Building 436 Dwight St. Springfield. We'll be showing up outside Gov Baker's Springfield office at lunchtime. We have an executive order which we think Governor Baker should sign. This day marks the start of this year's international climate conference. Reclaiming Our Future March & Protest Rally in Northampton on the Eve of the Bonn Climate Talks.  We are protesting the policies even in our own state of Massachusetts that keep us on the path toward climate breakdown. The Trump administration withdrew USA from the 2015 Paris Climate agreement, making us one of only 2 countries in the entire world who have not agreed to work together to reduce emissions. Contact: <

That's  all for now. Remember to do what? Listen to your Mother, of course!

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