Sunday, July 01, 2012

The Last Minute Enviro Show

Greetings Earthlings. We were down to the wire with this show given that our annual Pilgrimage to the Sea fell during production time and SOME people didn't do their homework. Be that as it may, we managed to get Amy Donovan, Program Director of the Franklin County Solid Waste Management District calling in for an update on....well, solid waste! Also we'll find time for a visit with the Fool-on-the-Hill as well as The Enviro Show Echo Chamber. We can do some E-Valley-uation and maybe Meet the New Boss as well, but first it's time for...Revenge of the Critters! Roo stalks Aussie Woman (Disclaimer: this comes from Faux "News")

This week's Fool-on-the-Hill goes once again to former car thief, Rep. Darrell Issa who continues the Repugnican safe energy witch hunt in his capacity as head of the House Committee.

In The Enviro Show Echo Chamber this AP headline certainly caught our attention while zoning out by the sea on the Cape: "Sea level rising fastest on East Coast". And....sadly...this: Earth summit bombs...again. It gets worse: fishermen who spoke out at the summit were murdered! Meanwhile, closer to home, it looks like it's the Roseate Tern's turn to try and shutdown the Pilgrim nuke in Plymouth. On June 28, 2012, "Pilgrim Watch and the Jones River Watershed Association challenged the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service, saying their approvals for Entergy's relicensing are arbitrary and capricious and not based on credible data". Also, an Enviro Show Blog Bonus Action Link: the Massachusetts House will vote on a bill to expand the state's most successful solar program this week. Add your voice here.

In our E-Valley-uation segment we take a look at Sunday's "Declare Independence from Entergy" action at the gates of that dangerous dilapidated old nuke in Vernon, VT. 40 protesters were arrested. All were released on personal recognizance ('cuz Vermont knows they are the good citizens as opposed to the corporados at Entergy). And, from the June 28 issue of The Montague Reporter we learn "Shad Rebound in Annual River Count", a fascinating article with quotes from Karl Meyer and others on the problems with the Turners Falls fish ladder. You'll have to pick-up a copy at your news stand 'cuz The Reporter is traditional, it doesn't do digital.

Our Quote of the Week: "Licensing a nuclear power plant is in my view, licensing random premeditated murder. First of all, when you license a plant, you know what you're doing--so it's premeditated. You can't say, "I didn't know." Second, the evidence on radiation-producing cancer is beyond doubt. I've worked fifteen years on it [as of 1982], and so have many others. It is not a question any more: radiation produces cancer, and the evidence is good all the way down to the lowest doses." -- John Gofman

Finally, it's time to scope out the Bus Stop Billboard:

Wednesday, July 4,9am by the Brattleboro high school gather to be part of the No Nukes contingent in the parade! If you need inspiration, here's a few ideas: "Clean it up and mooooove it out!" is a message that fits the float. Our message from the July 1st action "Declare Independence from Entergy!" has a patriotic ring to it! And the 4th is always a good time to "Defend Democracy!" Contact Ed at

Wednesday July 4, 4 - 8 pm. July 4th Pitch-in Picnic. Rain or Shine. 3 McClelland Farm Rd, Deerfield. A wonderful place for the picnic and a great variety of ways to enjoy it. Can you come? Can you bring your own utensils? folding chairs? Can you volunteer for a task? RSVP to or call 413-467-3944

Wednesday,July 10,11 a.m., Rally at the Courthouse on Obery St. in Plymouth to support the Plymouth14 protesters. For details contact Cape Downwinders, David Agnew,

Thursday, July 11, 6pm there will be a Public Hearing on Easthampton Bicycle Ordinances 50 Payson Ave., Second Floor Meeting Room, Easthampton. Call Eli Damon at 413-530-3861

Tuesday,July 17,7pm. A Public Lecture by Michael Klare based on his new book,"The Race for What's Left". Will provide a global overview of the corporate drive to exploit what's left of the world's oil, natural gas, coal, uranium, rare minerals, food, water, and land. Bring your questions about hydro-fracking, rare earths, the new oil boom, etc. - and what can be done to address these issues. SMITH COLLEGE, 103 McConnell Hall, Northampton.

July 20 - 22. Occupy Nuclear Power. Annual Clamshell Alliance Reunion & Anti-Entergy strategy session. World Fellowship Camp and Conference Center, Conway, NH. A day-long Anti-Entergy strategy session will be held on Saturday, half-day on Sunday, to develop a unified opposition campaign targeting Entergy, (which also owns many GE BWRs including VY). We invite activists organizing against Entergy-owned nukes Vermont Yankee, Pilgrim, Indian Point, and Fitzpatrick (NY), (and also activists from New Orleans, site of Entergy HQ, and the Entergy-owned Palisades nuke in Michigan). Additional discussion led by Linda and Paul Gunter of Beyond Nuclear on national and international resistance to nuclear power, the aim to shut the 23 US GE Boiling Water Reactors that are twins to at Fukushima, Japan, and lessons learned from Germany, Italy, India, and elsewhere. World Fellowship is an affordable, child friendly location in the White Mountains, founded and run by progressives. Camping and rooms are available, and rates include three excellent meals served family style each day. Please spread the word, check out the website, and make reservations.;

Beginning on July 25, Radical Action for Mountain People’s Survival (RAMPS) will be convening the Mountain Mobilization to shut down a strip mine and build momentum that will finish off mountaintop removal once and for all. Join the West Virginia Mountain Mobilization. Go to:

That's it. We are so out of here. Did you remember to listen to your Mother?

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