Sunday, May 06, 2012

Calling all Enviro Show fans!

Do you remember almost six years ago when everyone was so enthusiastic about having our own low-power community radio station in the Valley? We really need that kind of enthusiasm again in these troubled times. WXOJ-LP Valley Free Radio is struggling to survive, but we won’t let the Great Recession, the corporate media and endless distractions throw this community radio station under the bus. Together, we can not only keep VFR on the air broadcasting The Enviro Show and other excellent programs like the new Farm to Fork, but work to build a NEW Valley Free Radio! We’re just putting the finishing touches on our new website and putting out the call for new shows. We REALLY need you to help create the momentum going forward.

Only with your support can VFR broadcast shows like ours that go way beyond mainstream environmentalism. Only with your help can new programmers from community start their own shows on WXOJ-LP. On May 6 through 12th Valley Free Radio will be hosting our annual Spring On-air Fund Drive. We’ll have all sorts of premiums and incentives for listeners who pledge to keep VFR up & running. The Enviro Show will have the usual premiums like Tom Neilson CDs and those zany endangered species condoms, but this year we'll have a few extra surprises as well.

Please tune-in to 103.3fm Tuesday evening at 6:30 or catch our webcast at and help support progressive community radio. You can call in your pledge during the drive at (413)584-1160. But there’s no need to wait until next week. You can donate right now!

Go to and click on the “Donate” button to make your pledge. Help progressive programming on VFR by pledging your support now or by calling in during your favorite show.

OK, here's an Enviro Show Spring Pledge Drive Special Premium. There's only one of these on the face of the planet. It's the original art work for the Mass Earth First! logo done by Wendell artist Bob Ellis. The graphic is 15x20" posterboard suitable for framing. If you make a $250 pledge tonight on the show it's yours:

Pledge Drive or no, we still want to take a peek at the Bus Stop Billboard.

* Wednesday May 9, 16, 23, & 30 4-5pm CLOSE VERMONT YANKEE AS PLANNED Weekly Rallies In front of the Vermont State House, Montpelier, VT The Vermont legislature gets it, the PSB gets it and we get it: Entergy is a rogue corporation manipulating Vermont's democratic process Bring your banners and signs! Bring your chants and songs! Bring your friends! Call: (802) 476-3154

* Thursday, May 10, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Western Mass. Affinity Group Cluster Meeting Location: Equity Trust, 177 Avenue A. Turners Falls. More info:

* Sunday May 13 Noon No Escape from the Cape Demonstration Rt. 6 Cape Cod side of the Sagamore Bridge Mobilize to call attention to the serious dangers of the continued operation of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Reactor in Plymouth and the fact that the Cape Cod bridges will be closed in the event of a radiological accident. More info: Paul Rifkin

* Tuesday May 15, 7pm, Northampton UU Meetinghouse. Why ending Corporate Personhood at the local level is the right place to do the work. 150 communities in seven states are doing just that, banning harmful corporate activities in their own back yards. Paul Cienfuegos , known for his advocacy of "rights-based organizing," will speak, sponsored by the Occupy Affinity group of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

* Wednesday May 16, 7am-10am, Bay State Bike Week is quickly approaching, and the Northampton Bike Week on the courthouse lawn kicks it off. Email:

* Sunday May 20 1pm Shut Down Pilgrim NOW! Plymouth, MA, near the main gate of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station. Park at 1 Elliot Lane, Plymouth, Ma and walk to Pilgrim gate. Groups of concerned citizens from across New England will gather in Plymouth to demand that the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Reactor's 40-year operations expire with it's present license: by June 8, 2012. The General Electric Mark 1 Boiling Water Reactor is the same design that failed at four reactors in Japan. For more information, contact David Agnew or Diane Turco

* Wednesday May 23 5:30 - 8:30pm NRC Open House on VY Yankee Multipurpose room, Brattleboro Union High School Brattleboro VT The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will be in Brattleboro to discuss the 2011 performance assessment for Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. There are plans underway for street theater and other actions. More info: or

* Friday May 25 to Thursday Jun 14 Solar Rollers Ride Again Brattleboro, VT and throughout the 14 counties of Vermont. We need the informed citizens of the entire state behind us when we shut Vermont Yankee down – and the Solar Rollers need your help to reach ‘em. So get on a bike and join the Solar Rollers, or make a donation to their outreach tour; contact: 413-863-9296 for more information.

OK, that's it for now. Please support the show and.....listen to your Mother!

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