Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Antibiotic Enviro Show

Greetings Earthlings. So, you think the FDA is there to protect you from the abuse of antibiotics? Maybe not. Kyla Bennett, Director of New England Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility returns to these microphones to take the wait! to TALK about the cure. That covers the antibiotics (which is more than the FDA seems concerned about). We get into some probodiotics with a report-back from the healthy direct action on the body politic at VT Yankee's corporate Entergy office in our E-Valley-uation segment, as well as some positive news in The Enviro Show Echo Chamber. As usual we double down on the bad news (of course!) with The Fool on the Hill and when we Meet the New Boss, but first it's time for....Revenge of the Critters! This week it's teeny, tiny critters who are seeking revenge against......are you ready? Antibiotics!

In The Enviro Show E-Valley-uation segment it's reportbacks from last Thursday's direct action at Entergy headquarters in Brattleboro. Everyone was there.....except for Entergy! Without a corporado in sight, it looked like we scared them off leaving only us, the media and the friendly cops, the 99%, to act out our parts in the theater of protest. Maybe next time we should just show up unannounced, like the Shut it Down Affinity Group does all the time. Now we're coming up on the 33 anniversary of the nuclear meltdown at Three Mile Island. Here's D.O.'s thoughts on that fiasco. And this: Rivers & streams getting low? Remember two summers ago when we found the Sawmill River in Leverett with barely any water? Fish and other aquatic life cannot survive in rivers and streams that are chronically desiccated in summer and fall. Please go here to help protect them and our rivers & streams.

The Enviro Show Echo Chamber leads off with an important Blog Bonus Action link. We need to convince the Gov that logging in the Quabbin Watershed is ...well, not such a good idea. Go here and let your voice be heard. Here's that positive news we mentioned earlier, it's from Grist: former corporado seeks to save the planet! On to the bad news: No deaths from Fukushima? Stay tuned on that one. O, and speaking of disasters, Science Daily tells us that not only did oil affect the ecosystem in the Gulf during the BP blowout, but it was still entering the food web after the well was capped. Yum! Toxic sludge is good for you. No? OK, how about ending corporate welfare for Big Oil? By the by, it's not just Big Oil who is picking your pocket at the pumps, it's their friends on Wall Street too. Finally, this from Treehugger: corporados wrote the law requiring climate denial being taught in Tennessee schools. Not so smart ALECS we'd say.

Our Fool-on-the-Hill is freakin' Florida Repugnican Rep. Cliff Stearns who wants to sell off our National Parks! Hey, if he waits a few months we can have actual fire sales out West!

This time we Meet the New Boss as he "stood in a red-dirt field before acres of stacked pipeline pieces on Thursday to illustrate his support for expedited construction of the southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline" (You know, the one that's intended to spew dirty tar-sands oil off to China? The one he opposed before he supported it?). Obama said "We’ve added enough new oil and gas pipeline to encircle the Earth and then some". Aren't you impressed? Also, The Washington Post revealed this weekend that the White House has a current offer "still on the table" to make billions of dollars of cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Democratic Leaders in Congress, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, grudgingly agreed to the deal, according to the Post. All such cave-ins to the corporados and far-right extremists means more scrambling for survival by the rest of us which, in turn means less consideration for a failing biosphere and a deeply troubled planet.

"The End of the World" by Marie Mason, Danny Dollinger & Darryl Chemey & friends takes us to our interview with Kyla Bennett, then we checkout the Bus Stop:

Wednesday, March 28, Noon to 1:30pm. GreenWorks Roundtable. 640 Page Blvd., Springfield, MA. Contact:

Wednesday, March 28th 6:30 pm, "Permaculture:TheGrowing Edge" a film about sustainable care for the earth, its people and the future [What, only people??] by Donna Read and Starhawk that offers an antidote to environmental despair, a hopeful and practical look at a path to a viable, flourishing future. Greenfield Public Library (back door), Main St. in Greenfield.Discussion will follow. Offered by Greening Greenfield Energy Committee and Transition Town Greenfield. For more info call 773-7004

Friday, March 30, Noon. Occupy the EPA to rally and launch the American Spring with a demonstration at the headquarters of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC. The demonstration will start at 12:00 noon at Franklin Square Park (13thand I Sts, NW, Washington, DC) and the march will head down 12th Street to the EPA Headquarters. Call: 410-591-0892

Friday & Saturday, March 30-31, The 30th National Pesticide Forum Healthy Communities: Green solutions for safe environments Yale University -- New Haven, CT. Go to: www.beyondpesticides.orgor call (202)543-5450

Saturday, March 31,1:00 PM. What’s So Cool About a Vernal Pool? Come to the Leverett Library to find out all about what a vernal pool is and some of its special features. Dawn Marvin Ward will present a hands-on program designed for families and beginner naturalists. This program will begin inside and then venture outside to visit the library’s own vernal pool (weather permitting). All ages are welcome BUT this program is designed for children ages 8+ and accompanied by an adult. If extremely inclement weather; indoor activities will be available. For more information contact Dawn 367-9562 or Leverett Library 548-9220.

Sunday, April 1, 12:30 to 3:30pm. Pioneer Valley Green-Rainbow Regional Convention. Umass Amherst Campus Center, Room 101, Campus Center Way. Presidential candidate Jill Stein will be speaking around 1 pm! Stein was recently endorsed by Noam Chomsky and has been traveling around the country, meeting activists and discussing her proposal for a "Green... New Deal" for the USA. Email:

Sunday, April 1, 2-3 PM, Leverett Library. "Moths: Better than Butterflies" with Ted Sargent. Join Ted as he discusses his 50 years of observation and research (as a naturalist and Professor of Biology, UMass) on moths and their interactions with birds and the effects of those interactions on the evolution of the moths.

Tuesday, April 3, 6pm public hearing on Springfield's Combined Sewer Overflow long term control plan at Springfield City Hall (36 Court Street). Twelve years after they put together a draft document, Springfield will unveil its 20+ year plan for significantly reducing CSO discharges into the Connecticut River. Find out why they don't think they can achieve full elimination. This is your chance to let them
know you care about water quality in the river.

Tuesday, April 3, 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Public meeting on the reconstruction of the Norwottuck Rail Trail. Hadley Elementary School, 21 RiverDrive, Hadley (Rt. 47). The Department of Conservation and Recreation will hold an informal meeting and information session about the long awaited reconstruction of the Norwottuck RailTrail. Plans for the new trail will be on displayand trail users are encouraged to come and voice their opinions. Email:

Saturday, April 14,Starting at Noon- 2:00. Rally to Support Vermont & Shutdown Vt Yankee! Keynote speaker: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders with Special Musical Guests (including the 12-piece Afro-beat ensemble, Fenebo). Gov Shumlin has also been invited to speak in addition to a number of other people!! More details to follow. Contact Deb for more info 413-339-5781

So much for that show. Stay tuned for our April 10 Enviro Show on "A Darker Shade of Green: REDD Alert and the Future of Forests". Until then remember: listen to your Mother!

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