Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Fall of Corporate America

There was the Arab Spring and there is the North American Autumn; the harvest time when the fruits of our labor are gathered up and stored. The Rites of Autumn concern a return to balance, darkness and light in sync. Following a long season of growing unrest, an economy out of balance and the social fabric torn and twisted, it's time for the fall of Corporate America. The 99% of North Americans who are not filthy rich want to harvest the promise of the United States of America and like the seed corn saved for the next growing season, they look forward to the democracy nurtured by our agrarian ancestors, by the founders.

No need to repeat what we already know here: the litany of inequality, the injustice of rule by oligarchs and their enablers, and the broken promise of the Pledge of Allegiance. You've read all that. You've lived it through unemployment or underemployment; through homelessness or dispossession; through the loss of liberty and the degradation of a democratic form of government. Now, at last, comes the turning. Now we take stock and prepare for the long hard winter.

Corporate America was genetically engineered by the filthy rich. It was always out of balance, a fabrication, a fake. The so-called Tea Party was a product of Corporate America. It was funded and promoted by the corporados and the banksters. They served the interests of Corporate America, disguised as patriots. The corporate media focused on the so-called Tea Party, misleading Americans to believe they spoke for the average citizen. They did not. Nor did Republican candidates who spoke in folksy ways or posed by tractors at county fairs. Republicans speak for the filthy rich, there is no daylight between them and the so-called Tea Party. That tea is tainted, poisoned.

Corporate America is not a person either. The myth of corporate personhood, like the myth of a patriotic Tea Party, was also a fabrication of the wealthy. Their minions on the Supreme Court began the process of corporate dominance long ago. The founders of the United States of America warned us about them. Now we begin to reverse that process, to return the power to the people, to their communities.

It is no accident that the Occupation of Wall Street grew out of the anti-corporate, anti-consumer society ranks, from operations like Ad Busters and the countless numbers of people fed up with money in politics, stolen elections, lobbyists in government, the destruction of democracy and the commodification of our society and the planet. We don't buy the concept of corporate personhood. We don't believe in Corporate America.

The Occupation of Wall Street and the growing occupations of other streets all across North America and around the world, tells us that we have finally reached a tipping point; a time when students, young couples, workers, the unemployed and underemployed, senior citizens of limited means, and untold numbers of other Americans have said to Corporate America and its enablers: enough! basta! We want an end to Corporate America. We want the return of the United States of America.

- d.o.

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