Monday, May 16, 2011

The Annual Enviro Show Big Green Clearcutters Award!

Now listen-up! for our Annual Enviro Show Big Green Clearcutters Award: this year's award goes to (drum roll please) Elisa Campbell! Again!! For two years running, Mass Sierra Club's Elisa Campbell, the pro-nuke, pro-development, pro-clearcutting "environmentalist" proves her worth....lessness. She even undercuts the Sierra Club! That's right, the MA Sierra Club representative in charge of Public Lands and Forestry is trying to subvert the group's own principals. Checkout Campbell's comment at last November's Forest Forum:

"I'm still trying to plug away at subverting the usual paradigm at the Sierra Club"

What? You mean Sierra Club's stand against CLEARCUTTING! Someone get the hook!

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