Friday, December 17, 2010

The Real Winter Solstice Enviro Show

Greetings Earthlings. Happy Winter Solstice on this, the first Enviro Show to actually fall on the date of the Solstice (AND the first time in 372 years that a full lunar eclipse falls at the same time! if you missed it go here). With that in mind we fore-go much of the usual bad news and carrying on and honor the season with Earth-inspired sound.....and maybe a few inspired rants. Surprise! Too bad even progressive talk radio has overlooked the Solstice and pagans who honor it every year. Our in-house pagans are out dancing around the bonfires and making merry. Sorry, progressives, you lose, maybe next year. Here's some Solstice tunes to get us started, one of D.O.'s favorites, Paul Winter Consort with "Wolf Eyes".

OK, so that felt a lot like some snowbound vista in the wild where the wolves rule and the winds howl. Speaking of wolves, it looks like Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar is trying to remove protections so his western rancher friends can kill them at will. Please go HERE and take action to protect these majestic critters. Did we say wolves? What about wolverines?? They need YOUR HELP too! Also in need of protection are our National Forests. How about sending Obama a Holiday card with that in mind?

Moving on: years ago, Windham Hill recording studio in neighboring Vermont came out with a Winter Solstice collection that became so popular that they cut a whole collection. However, for D.O., that original album seemed to say it best. His favorite cut is "A Tale of Two Cities", by Mark Isham. Think about the Winter Solstice Sun rising or setting when you listen to that!

OK, you can't have a Winter Solstice party without fun & games, right? Help Santa! He's being attacked by Repugnicans disguised as elves!!

Enough with D.O., it's time to checkout Jean's favorite tune from a previous show. It's Pete Seeger's "Spill, Baby Spill".

This Solstice party isn't over just because neither Jean nor Glen sent in their links. Maybe they are too busy partying elsewhere? Stay tuned.......

Finally let's take shelter from the snow and checkout the Bus Stop Billboard:

Saturday, December 25, 11am - Noon. Peace on Earth! Greenfield's weekly peace vigil on the Town Common. Call (413)522-5932. While you're there, checkout the Winter Solstice's next to the creche!). Also in Northampton in front of the County Courthouse (on Main Street between Gothic and King), rain or shine (or snow, or deep-freeze).

Sunday, December 26. Noon - 1pm. The Amherst peace vigil takes place on the Amherst Commons at noon on Sundays. It has been going since the early 1970's. Call: ((413)549-4515

Saturday, January 1, 11am - Noon. Resolve to work for peace! Greenfield's weekly peace vigil on the Town Common. Also, peace vigil in Northampton in front of the County Courthouse. Same time.

Saturday, January 8, 10:30am to 2pm. Great Falls Discovery Center, 2 Avenue A., Turners Falls. Join us the second Saturday of every month for a day of children's activities. Daily activities may include crafts, games, investigations, or outdoor adventures. Call ahead for current program details at (413) 863-3221.

Now until January 6, 9am to 5pm, Exhibit: Glimpses of the Pre-Quabbin Swift River Valley and the Quabbin Reservoir of Today. UMass Science Library, Floor 2, Lederle Lowrise. The exhibit features 39 nature photographs by Les Campbell, who has received many honors including four of the highest awards given by the Photographic Society of America. His photographs have appeared in National Geographic, National Audubon, and the Photographic Society of America Journal, among others. Campbell had a 45-year career working at the Quabbin reservoir and founded the Quabbin Visitor's Center and Friends of the Quabbin. For full hours and parking information, call 413-545-1370

Jeez, not much happening in this valley. Where'd everyone go? I hope they get back for the next show 'cuz it's about THE END OF THE WORLD!

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cosimo said...

here is a little more about wolves.. do we want these in western mass??