Friday, September 10, 2010

The Forest Forensics Enviro Show

Greetings Earthlings. We know Enviro Show listeners are concerned about the health and well-being of the forests around us, but what about the history of those forests? Tom Wessels, ecologist and founding director of the master’s degree program in Conservation Biology at Antioch calls-in to talk with Glen about his new book "Forest Forensics". And yes, we said "talk with Glen" 'cuz Jean & D.O. are both away, leaving poor Glen to deal with the end of the world as we know it. Maybe he will spare you D.O.'s usual endless recitations from The Enviro Show Echo Chamber or our E-Valley-uation segment, but he certainly won't blow off our....Revenge of the Critters! Man attacked by tree while tweeting!

In the Enviro Show Echo Chamber forest activists in Russia need help in efforts to halt the construction of a highway through the Khimki forest. Moving over to Pakistan: about that horrendous flooding? Would you be surprised to learn that illegal logging was a big part of the problem? And speaking of actions here on the blog: We invite you to sign on to commit to action against a fossil fuel pipeline and pumping project (”Trailbreaker”) that may bring tar sands bitumen through infrastructure across several American states and Canadian provinces. You can sign the pledge here. Finally, Jill Stein, the only Green candidate for Gov. in the so-called Commonwealth is being excluded from the big debate!

In our E-Valley-uation segment we return to the Biomess! As you may recall, folks in Western Mass were instrumental in exposing the bullshit being put out by the biomass industry. Now the movement's gone national (international actually) and it's time for YOU to tell the EPA that emissions from biomass should not be ignored. Send your comments here. OK, so how can we talk about forest issues without talking about clearcutting by the Quabbin? We can't! Also, the proposed incinerator in Springfield reminds us to sign the petition to Governor Deval Patrick asking him to walk the walk for a real Zero Waste plan. For that go here

After Glen's interview with Tom Wessels it's off to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Friday, Sept. 17, 7pm. “Anthrax War”: Documentary examining the 2001 anthrax attacks and the secret and dangerous world of germ weapons. Local activist and attorney John Bonifaz will speak after the film at the Media Education Foundation’s Frances Crowe Community Room, 60 Masonic Street, behind Woodstar CafĂ©, in downtown Northampton. Call 413-584-3158

Saturday, September 18, 10:00am. Mohawk Trail State Forest is home to about 450 acres of old growth forest through which passes a 1.25-mile stretch of the original Mohawk Trail. This historic foot path was once used by Native Americans as a trade route between the Connecticut and Hudson River valleys. Join Bob Leverett as he takes us to the top of Todd Mountain along the historic foot trail for a look at its old growth forests and wealth of champion trees. Bob discusses the story of the Mohawk Trail, past and present, including modern Native Americans who continue to find meaning in this place. The hike is strenuous. Be sure to use good footwear and bring a snack/lunch, and water. Call (413) 339-5504

Wednesday September 22, 12:30-2pm, Brown Bag Lunch at Noon. GREENWORK: THE WESTERN MASS GREEN ECONOMY WORKING GROUP. Pioneer Valley AFL-CIO Hall, 640 Page
Boulevard, Springfield (732-7970).

September 25-27. Appalachia Rising in Washington DC. A national response to the poisoning of America’s water supply, the destruction of Appalachia's mountains, head water source streams, and communities through mountaintop removal coal mining. Email: Massachusetts Contact: Rana Xavier at or Go to:

Saturday, October 9, 10:00am. Big Tree Walk. Mohawk Trail State Forest is home to the tallest trees in New England. No other public property in our region has so many champions of height which included the 170.1 foot-tall Chief Jake Swamp white pine. Join Bob Leverett as he points out significant trees and groves of trees and discusses the history and ecology of the species represented in Mohawk Trail State Forest. Call (413) 339-5504

Sunday, October 10, 11:15am.'s 10/10/10 events. First Congregational Church in Amherst will have a worship service at 10:30 AM themed around care for the Earth followed by a congregation-wide work party starting around 11:15 AM. We'll have lunch together at 1:00 PM to celebrate the conclusion of our activities.

Sunday October 10, 5:00am - 8:00am. 10/10/10 event. Winter Moon Farm Photovoltaic turn-on!. We hope to turn on a new 34.3 KW system for 10-10-10. 156 Solar panels are already on the roof! Pot Luck dinner and music. Please bring an instrument if you can! 17 Lawrence Plain Rd. Hadley.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010: Change the system, not the climate!Call for a global day of direct action for climate justice The disaster that was the climate summit in Copenhagen highlighted one thing above all: That we cannot expect UN-negotiations to solve the climate crisis for us. Governments and corporations are unable (even if they were willing) to deliver real climate justice. Only powerful, global climate justice movements can achieve the structural changes that are necessary. To get involved please email

October, 14--16, 2010 The Eastern Native Tree Society Conference in the Forest Summit Lecture Series October 14-15 at Holyoke Community College. The Conference is still in the planning stage. More details and the agenda will come soon, so please SAVE THE DATE and check here:

Saturday,October 16, 9am.'s 10/10/10 events. Grace Episcopal Church in Amherst will organize a parish-wide work party on the Saturday after 10/10/10 that will focus on implementing the recommendations from our top-to-bottom energy audit.

That's all folks! Next time it's the On-air Pledge drive at VFR, but why wait! You can donate right now and support The Enviro Show! Until then, remember: listen to your Mother.

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