Thursday, August 19, 2010

BP Cover-up continues

News from the Gulf (rather than corporate media propaganda and White House spin) continues to surface about BP and government cover-ups of the continued use of toxic dispersants and the alleged safety of Gulf seafood, as well as the secret disposal of dead wildlife. It looks for all the world like some surreal Hollywood disaster film complete with corporado villains and colluding government's REAL!

Repugnicans & Dems alike, are up to their necks in a conspiracy to whitewash the devastation that BP has unleashed in the Gulf of Mexico. If you ever had any doubts that Big Oil owns Washington, this disaster should dispel them. Since government is part of the problem, what can YOU do about this disaster? Get into the streets!! People in San Franciso are doing it. People will be demonstrating in Washington on Labor Day weekend. How about in YOUR town??


Update here. More here and here from our last show.

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