Monday, May 31, 2010

Monster from the Deep

Dark and deep
it grows toward us
changeling, monster
from the Dead Zone
more death and
less life in
the gulf between
the species, crime
genocide monster
shape shifting into
ebb and flow
currents, landfall
from corporate boardrooms
keepers' lair
seemingly sanitized
custodial care in
theoretical ware
bottom-dwelling mind
disregarding caution often
enough to sink us all.


1 comment:

Rachel said...

Planning a trip to Alaska or northern Canada to view the amazing bird life this summer? Oh Wait....they might not be there...they died in the Gulf on their flight north.

Missing the snowy egrets? Oops...they like to hang out in the bayous....and...well, maybe next year, if the volunteers are able to wash off all the oil coating their flight feathers....

Looking forward to your cruise from Florida to Mexico? Bring your gas mask and protective clothing gear! Apparently the fumes from the oil AND the dispersants used are somewhat ummm...irritating.

Planning a big bonfire and crab boil on Orange Beach this summer? Forget it.

Looking forward to that Louisiana fishing boat trip? Ain't gonna happen...for about ten years...

Note to Stockbroker....divest BP

Note to gas pigs....learn to love your bike again!