Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We have three weeks to let folks in the Valley and beyond know about The Quabbin Walk. Starting Monday, May 17 and going until Sunday, May 23 beginning in North Orange going eastward toward Petersham and ending in New Salem, the Walk hopes to raise awareness that future survival of life on Earth for all species is being threatened by deforestation all over the planet. Here in Massachusetts forests had at long last begun to return to their lush and varied pre-Colonial state. Now they are once again threatened. We abhor the careless and thoughtless practice of so-called "even-age" management, a euphemism for clear-cutting, particularly on our public lands and especially without public input and transparency. These trees are part of our defense against the coming climate crisis. Their destruction adds to that crisis. In light of the recent promotion of biomass incineration by corporations and the state, the clear-cutting of public lands adds to the growing concern that our forests will be degraded and destroyed in the name of hyped “green” energy. Biomass incineration is NOT a “renewable”, it is NOT “green”.

The Quabbin watershed, once a showcase for eco-forestry, is now under siege. Clear-cuts are devastating various sites throughout the reservoir lands. The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, who administer the area, must be held responsible for this destruction, but only raised public awareness will bring a stop to such practices. It is for that reason we ask you to join us on the Quabbin Walk and to help spread the word about this event.

In the coming days we will be posting information and updates here, letting you know about the issue and what you can do to save the forests. Please tell your friends, family and neighbors about this effort. More info here.
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