Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Endgame Enviro Show

Greetings Earthlings. In keeping with our notoriety for gobs of gloom & doom here on The Enviro Show we get a call from Derrick Jensen, writer, activist, alarm-sounder and all around tree-hugging dirt-worshiper (hey! not unlike yours trulys!). We'll be talking about some of his latest tomes like "What We Leave Behind" & "Endgame". What? Not happy-clappy enough? Also, we delve into the latest enviro news in the old Echo Chamber, as well as in our E-Valley-uation segment; checkout The Enviro Show Quote of the Week; and visit the Bus Stop Billboard, but first it's time for....Revenge of the Critters! You guessed it: captive Killer Whale lives up to its' name. So why is it a captive again?

In our E-Valley-uation segment the BIG news is Vermont's Senate voting not to extend VT Yankee's funky old nuke an operating license beyond 2012. Don't think for one minute that old leaky nuke doesn't concern you here in the Valley. You are downwind and downstream and speaking of down: SHUT IT DOWN! Remember the thwarted Nestle assault on the Montague Plain? Checkout a very funny clip for Bottled Water Free Day here. BREAKING NEWS: Whole Foods "organic" from China? We don't think so! The store in Hadley needs to hear from all of us......LOUDLY!

The Enviro Show Quote of the Week concerns nukes as well:

"So, in essence, a nuclear reactor is just a very sophisticated and dangerous way to boil water—analogous to cutting a pound of butter with a chain saw."
- Helen Caldicott

In the Enviro Show Echo Chamber we hear from the Flat-Earth crew on Snowmaggedon vs. the Climate Crisis. Who needs science when you have Sen. Jim DeMint or James Inhofe! And this: Extra! Extra! The Climate Movement is Dead, Long Live the Climate Movement! Also, some good news! WMECO to go solar in the Berks. Did we say solar? Checkout the solar initiative Bernie Sanders introduced in congress here.

In our "Meet the New Boss" seg: an Enviro Show Blog Bonus: Take Action against the resumption of....are you ready?....WHALING! Here's the quote from Greenpeace: "Mr. President, we are deeply concerned about reports that some in your administration are championing a deal that would undermine the moratorium and secure the future of commercial whaling." Talk about "change"! Yes, we can!!

"The End of the World" (Whoa! right on theme) by Marie Mason from "Not for Profit" takes us to our interview with Derrick. He was just named Press Action's Person of the Year. Checkout the kudos: ""The recipient of this award was never in doubt. Derrick Jensen's "Endgame", released in late spring, was the best work of nonfiction in 2006. Given the significance of its subject matter and the urgency of Jensen's message, Endgame is the most important book of the decade and could stand as the must-read book of our lifetimes. But be careful. The book is likely to send you into periods of despondency over the bleak future of the planet. But Jensen explains that if enough of us stand up and work together to fight the fascists, the crash won't be as devastating. And the long struggle will eventually result in an explosive renewal of all forms of life on the planet."

Finally, it's on to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Saturday, March 6, 10-4 pm. Moms against VY. Hope for the Future. Come and make some art with Vermont's energy future in mind. Tables will be set up w/ supplies including clay, paint, mixed media. Performances will take place throughout the day. Winter Fare, River Garden, Main Street. Brattleboro, VT At 2:00 pm, all Women and Children Opposed the the re-licensing of VY should come to Pliny park, across the street (with signs) for a powerful photo op.

Saturday March 6, 9 pm, Burrito Rojo in Turners Falls. Tom Neilson's new CD release gig. Call (413)863-3111

Thursday, March 11. All Day it's Bottled Water Free Day! Checkout

Saturday, March 13 at 9am. Mountain Justice Spring Break 2010. "Stand in solidarity with communities impacted by dirty coal!"Southwest Virginia. Email: mdriggs[at]gmail[dot]com or call (508)361-0136

March 15 there will be a drawing for five FREE trees for Greenfield residents! To apply call Janine at the DWP at 772-1528 x 106 or just stop by the Greenfield Town Hall. The FREE trees are made possible by the Memorial Tree Fund.

Thursday, March 18, 7-8:30pm. The Meaning of Wilderness. Doug Seale will lead us through an exploration of how the meaning of wilderness has changed over time and how these various attitudes shape our interactions with nature, with special attention to Thoreau, Emerson, Muir, Marsh, T. Roosevelt, Leopold, and a few others. Great Falls Discovery Center, 2 Avenue A., Turners Falls, MA 01376, Ph 413.863.3221

Saturday, March 20, 7:30 pm. Dave Lippman aka. Wild Bill Bailout will be at the Echo Lake Coffeehouse, Leverett Town Hall, Leverett Center. Call 413-548-9394

We are over & out. Tune-in next time for another visit with our in-house pagans. It'll be SPRING!

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