Friday, March 27, 2009

The Oceanic Enviro Show

Greetings Earthlings (and matees!). We are once again all wet on The Enviro Show as we dip into the majesty of (and travesties against) the sea. Linda Glover, co-author of "Ocean - An illustrated atlas" published by National Geographic, calls-in with news from The Deep. It's not Dress Like a Pirate Day here in the studio, but we may steal some appropriate booty for you to bury away. Also we'll delve into more nautical news in The Enviro Show Echo Chamber and the Quote of The Week, as well as see what's happening around The Valley eco-wise in The Bus Stop Billboard, but first it's time for........ Revenge of the Critters! Jellyfish shutdown nuke!

The Enviro Show Quote of the Week, in keeping with our theme, comes from none other than Capt. Paul Watson of the no nonsense direct action group, Sea Shepherd: "[Cape Wind] is a threat to seabirds and as a marine wildlife conservation organization, we represent our clients, marine wildlife and this Cape Wind project is not in their interest".

The Enviro Show Echo Chamber is getting mighty crowded! We have this from Grist: Lessons from the Exxon Valdez. Also, an Enviro Show Blog Bonus: Democracy Now! on the 20th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill. And checkout the three-fer: a Take Action Link on pirate fishing operations using harmful fishing methods that damage marine habitats and injure or kill other marine life; a link to a How Green is My Seafood Quiz, and another Take Action link to cancel new oil and gas leases in the Polar Bear Seas, home to endangered polar bears and other imperiled wildlife. Also, The New York Times tells us Mtn. top removal may not get get a free pass anymore. Here's a Take Action link for this one too! Finally, this from the AP: Report: Alternative energy killing birds.What? Windmills killing birds?? Who knew!

After our interview with Linda "The Last Leviathan" by Cadence Carroll, from the "Evolve" album takes us to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Wed. April 1, 6:30-8:30pm. Eco Sense I: Energy Problems, a 30 minute TV show from the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan exploring how the end of cheap energy is changing the ways we will run our cities. Segment I concentrates on defining the problems, and segment II next week deals with the solutions being pursued by the city. Greening Greenfield Film/Discussion Series at Greenfield Public Library.

Wednesday, April 1st, at 7:30 pm. The Commons Group is sponsoring a talk on sustainable living by U/Mass Professor John Gerber on , at the Bangs Center in Amherst.

Thursday, April 2nd, at 7:30 p.m the Mount Holyoke College Center for the Environment, the Kestrel Trust, and the Odyssey Bookshop will welcome environmentalist, and best-selling author, Bill McKibben to Hooker Auditorium on the Mount Holyoke College campus. This reading is free and open to the public.

Friday, April 3, 1pm. Bail Out the People, Not the Banks! National March on Wall Street on the Anniversary on the day Martin Luther King gave his life fighting for social and economic justice. Meet at the NY Stock Exchange, Broad & Wall Streets. For more info go to: or call (212)633-6646

Saturday, April 4. 11am. UFP&J March on Wall Street. Assembly Location: Leonard, Franklin and White Streets, between Broadway and Lafayette St.
Info at:

Tuesday, April 7, 7pm Biomass 101 at the GCTV studio, 393 Main Street in Greenfield, MA or watch it on GCTV

April 7, 12:00pm. Helen Caldicott Tour. Middlebury College's Bicentennial Hall. Dr. Caldicott is an articulate and passionate advocate of citizen awareness regarding the nuclear and environmental crisis. Dr. Caldicott ‘s lectures are free and open to the public. For additional information please contact Marketing Partners at 802-864-6710.

Thursday, April 9th, 7pm. Witch Hunts: a prehistory of modern patriarchy. A Visual Presentation by Historian Max Dashu of the Suppressed Histories Archives. At the Media Education Foundation Community Room, 60 Masonic St, Northampton. Sponsored by the Rain and Thunder Collective. For more information about the event,

Saturday, April 11, 10:00 - 11:30 am. General Meeting of Mass Bike. Go to:

Wednesday, April 15, 7:30 pm. Dave Rovics at the Echo Lake Concert Series. Leverett Town Hall, 9 Montague Rd., Leverett. Call 413-548-9394

Wed. April 15, 6:30pm. Eco Sense II: Energy Solutions. Questions of energy and specific solutions being explored and implemented. Discussion leader:
Darren Jones, Products & Services manager of Coop Power in Greenfield. Greening Greenfield Film/Discussion Series at Greenfield Public Library.

Thursday 4/16, 7pm, Film: King Corn A feature documentary about two friends, one acre of corn, and the subsidized crop that drives our fastfood nation..
Part of the GCC Peace and Social Justice Club's Peace and Truth for Reel film series. Traprock Peace Center, 24 Miles St. in Greenfield. Call (413) 773-7427

Saturday & Sunday, April 18 & 19. 2009 Green Fair & Better Living Show. Franklin County Fairgrounds, Greenfield, MA. Call (413)773-5463

That's it for this week but we'll be back next time with more tales of the high seas. Until then remember.......listen to your Mother!

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