Friday, July 18, 2008

The Return of the Wolf Enviro Show

Greetings Earthlings. It’s Koyanaskatsi, a world out of balance, thanks to industrialized human-centric society, but hey, we can evolve right?? Umm….right? Re-wilding, or reintroducing displaced species may be part of the solution. We have a conversation with Rob Edward, Carnivore Recovery Director for WildEarth Guardians. Of course we’ll always find time to bash Bush and the Empire, and checkout The Enviro Show Echo Chamber and Quote of the Week, as well as a call from Tom Neilson out on the road, but first it’s time for....Revenge of the Critters! We jump into the Wayback Machine for a tale of man and wolf.

The Enviro Show Quote of the Week comes from the dean of enviro thought, Aldo Leopold from the essay "Thinking like a mountain": "The cowman who cleans his range of wolves does not realize that he is taking over the wolf's job of trimming the herd to fit the range. He has not learned to think like a mountain. Hence we have dustbowls, and rivers washing the future into the sea." Ahmen!

Los Lobos' "Will the Wolf Survive?" takes us to the Enviro Show Echo Chamber where we revisit the Boston Globe story about the Gray wolf that was killed in Shelburne last March. This sorry incident is what led us to do this week’s show on wolf reintroduction. We also checkout the Restore the North Woods website and the latest on Northeast wolf reintroduction from the Maine Wolf Coalition. You can meet some LIVE reps from the wolf community right here in the Commonwealth, by the way. Checkout Wolf Hollow in Ipswich. Then we read from the Daily Hampshire Gazette’s coverage of the recent event concerning the Northampton landfill expansion proposal.

It's that Darth Cheney dirge again! When will it end!! Glen, what’s the count? How many days?? Of course you’ve heard Darth and the boy emperor want to drill their way out of the gas crisis (a scam within a scam within a scam...these guys are the worst!). Bush says he’ll lift the ban on offshore drilling signed by his father. That will go exactly nowhere since there’s also a congressional ban (though Cape Wind proponents might like the sight of more trashed coastlines!....sorry, couldn't resist). Luckily Barbra Boxer and Nancy Pelosi are digging in their high heels. Here’s the Enviro Show Blog Bonus: Dig your heels in too!. Did you catch the emperor’s farewell "joke" at the G8? He said to his fellow leaders: "Goodbye from the world’s biggest polluter." The rightwing flat-earth robos loved it. Gaia, help rid us of this plague!!

Meanwhile, here in the real world, we checkout the Bus stop billboard:

Wednesday July 23, 5:30-7:30pm, Green Economy Working Group meeting , Pioneer Valley CLC, 640 Page Blvd, Springfield. Contact Eduardo Suarez (335-6224),

July 22 – August 3; Northeast Climate Confluence; High Falls, NY. Check it out

Saturday, August 2; 12pm. STOP WAR ON IRAN ! Mass march in NYC. Go to:

August 6-9; Walk for a Nuclear Free Future
From Williamstown, MA to Montpelier, VT
For further info. Heidi 518-885-1806 or Hattie 978-249-6224

Saturday, August 9, Noon.
Valley Free Radio will be celebrating its third birthday with a benefit music event at Look Park, Route 9 in Northampton. Ride your bike, take the bus (Red 42 leaves Court House at Noon and 1pm) or walk-in and avoid parking fees!

Friday, August 15. Surround the Federal Building in Springfield! No war on Iran!
For more info call AFSC 413-584-8975 / 413-320-1002 c

August 10 – 25; Solar Rollers back on the trail in Vermont!!
Please contact us if you are interested in joining this ride! or would like to
organize a potluck and discussion group in a town on the route or near! or call David 413-863-9296 or Peg 802-387-4845.

End of story for this week. Next time we get down with the reptiles: let's talk snakes! Until then, remember to......LISTEN TO YUR' MOTHER!

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