Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Urban Enviro Show

Greetings Earthlings. Time to talk about Mother Earth, the urban dweller. She’s stressed, she’s pressed-in, she’s not happy! Jonathan Bates, board member of Nuestras Raices, joins us to discuss that Holyoke organization’s work to protect the urban environment and create sustainable models for city living. As always, we’ll be checking out the latest from The Enviro Show Echo Chamber, the Quote of the Week, and naturally, the latest in dastardly deeds from The Empire, but first it’s time for....Revenge of the Critters! A listener suggestion: Parrot won’t talk! (at least not to the cops!)

In the Enviro Show Echo Chamber: This just in from The Montague Reporter - The state investigation into the remarks made by Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission director Robert Welch has officially concluded. You may recall from our last show, Welch was the guy who said "Tree-hugging Indians" were holding up progress on the proposed Turners Falls airport expansion. Welch has resigned, as of June 4th, according to Klark Jessen, director of communications for the Executive Office of Transportation. Soooo, will TF Airport Commissioner, Mark Fairbrother, who called Narragansetts trying to protect a sacred site, “rock-hugging Indians” follow Welch into the dustbin of history? We hope so! That would be FAIR…! AND this from Grist: The Hulk talks up green buildings for low-income housing. AND FINALLY (and in keeping with the show’s theme) Our Enviro Show Blog Bonus, Grist Special Series on Smart(ish) Cities.

O no, it's that sound again! They’re back! Glen, when?? Yes, The Empire’s Big Oil operatives are still barricaded in the White House and, as always, up to no good. It looks like Henry Waxman is about to wax their collective ass however. He’s got Evidence that the White House influenced the EPA to deny a waiver California needed to regulate vehicle greenhouse-gas emissions. ALSO: the high priests of The Empire launch their latest offensive against the planet!

On our Enviro Show Quote of the Week we have this question from the year 1888:
“In this country the mass of the people are entire strangers to the sentiment of beauty; they deform whatever they touch. Will it always be so?”
–John Burroughs
(OK, it’s over a hundred years later, will it??)

We revisit “Toxic City”,by System of a Down on our way to the interview with Jonatan Bates. Then it's on to the....

Bus Stop Billboard:

Saturday, May 31; 8:45 to 1pm.; "Where on Earth are we going? What can we do about it?" A symposium to explore these questions and bring about an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just human presence on this planet. Mass Audubon-Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary, 127 Combs Rd., Easthampton. To register call (413)584-3009, ext.812. Also go to:

Saturday June 7; 10 am. Brattleboro Downtown. Come for the Strollin’ of the Hefers! Help Awaken the rest of Vermont and the tri state area to the threat of Vermont Yankee! We are going to be handing out literature and atomic red hots for the kids! Let them know if you would like to participate in distribution! call 413-863-8952 or email

Saturday, June 7, 10 to 11:30 a.m. REPTILE SURVIVAL! Hitchcock Center for the Environment, 525 South Pleasant Street., Amherst, MA. To register call (413) 256-6006 Denise Passias & Jay Whitney, Reptile Enthusiasts. It will be a hands-on presentation that will be fun for all ages! Featuring more than ten different species of reptiles brought to you from the Kiss-A-Lizard show by Jay and Denise. Member: $5 Non-member: $8

ALSO at Hitchcock: NATURE'S STORYTIME. Free Every Tuesday, 11 a.m.
Come listen while we read a story book from our collection of nature-based children's literature and follow up with a short nature walk or activity. Pre-registration is encouraged but not required.

Saturday – June 14 – 7:30 pm. “Magpie” performs at the Echo Lake Coffee House, Town Hall, Leverett, MA. Terry and Greg are internationally known for their musical work in the environmental movement. For more info: Admission: $12/$10 seniors Call Diane for reservations: 413-548-9394/

June 18, 7:15pm. NUCLEAR POWER: AT WHAT COST? Bangs Community Center, Boltwood Walk, Amherst. Presented by CITIZEN AWARENESS NETWORK. This important program will offer information from experts regarding nuclear power and how it affects our society -
Merely 30 miles from Vermont Yankee, our local towns are subject to the effect of nuclear power in many ways, many of which are misunderstood and unclear. The Enviro Show is a co-sponsor.

Friday, June 2O & 21; 'Taking Charge of Our Energy Future' Summit UMass Amherst Campus Center. Help create a nework of thriving local communities - urban and rural - working together across race and class - building a way of life and an energy future that is sustainable and just. More than 30 workshops for municipal leaders, business owners, community leaders, environmental justice leaders, people wanting green job skills, teachers, parents, and students. Call 877-266-7543

That'll do it for this week. Next time: Pesky Mosquitoes, plus UMass scientist takes the sting out of fuel prices. Until then, remember to listen to your Mother!

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