Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mass Climate Action Network spins for Cape Wind

A recent email alert from Mass Climate Action Network (MCAN) has a section titled: "New Opinion Poll Finds Growing Support for Cape Wind" in which it says: "An opinion survey released October 25th found that 61 percent of residents of the Cape and islands - slightly more than three in five - support the Cape Wind project. The survey, commissioned by the Newton-based Civil Society Institute and conducted by Opinion Research Corporation, also found bipartisan support for the Nantucket Sound offshore wind project..... A total of 501 residents of the Cape and islands were interviewed by telephone Oct. 10 to 15."

However, if the reader follows the link to the Cape Cod Today story she'll discover this: "The CPN/CSI poll is biased by its very design and based on leading questions designed to influence the results," Parker said by email in describing the [The Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound] response to the survey. "The poll consistently positioned Cape Wind as a positive while downplaying concerns or ignoring them completely to support their results."

As an example, Parker cited a question claiming that Horseshoe Shoal, the proposed site for Cape Wind's 130 turbines, "is not in waters used any longer for significant commercial fishing. "The Mass. Fishermen's Partnership and the commercial fishermen who earn much of their livelihood on Horseshoe Shoal know differently," Parker said.
A day before the new survey was released, the Alliance released a statement through PRNewswire challenging CSI's credibility in previous surveys about Cape Wind and renewable energy."

So, MCAN continues to spin for Cape Wind and the privatization of the commons. Such shameless obfiscation is expected from outfits like Cape Wind, but from concerned enviros? MCAN needs to give both sides of the story upfront and let the people decide if Cape Wind is a good thing or the right project in the wrong place.

Checout the Alliance website here.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see "The Enviro Show" (!) bashing wind power at the behest of the coal and gas interests behind the anti-Cape Wind Alliance. Check your own sources!

Gloom & Doom said...

We bash Cape Wind, not "wind power" and at the "behest" of no one but ourselves. You'd know that if you'd pay attention to what we're saying. But hey, speaking of checking YOUR sources, aren't you aware your friends at Cape Wind want to privatize the Commons for their own profit??