Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Corporado Water Raid Enviro Show

Greetings Earthlings, guess who’s poking around the Montague Plain lookin’ to privatize the public aquifer? None other than Nestle, the "good food, good life" corporados. We say: Not good! These guys are raiding public resources all over the rural U.S. We expect a call-in from Tim Simmons, Restoration Ecologist with Mass Wildlife who will tell us about the ecological aspects of the Montague Plains, and us dirt-worshippers here in the studio will talk about this latest attempt by the corporados to privatize the commons. Also, we check-in with the vile machinations of Darth Cheney once more in our Empire Notes segment And another call-in from David Kroodsma on the Ride for Climate,(checkout their You-Tube music video here), but first a special Imperial War on Terra' edition of the....Revenge of the Critters! Giant badgers terrorize Iraq!

There it is again, Glen! The Darth Cheney theme. When will he and his neocon droids release us from this bondage?? We reported on Lord Cheney’s secretive Energy Taskforce long ago, but now the Washington Post has revealed the names of the operatives from Big Oil and others who met with Darth to plan the takeover of Iraq...err...Washington? Whatever! July 23, by the way, is or was (depending when you read this) Impeach Cheney Day. Last weekend Impeach Cheney was the #1 video on YouTube. Grist reports other Cheney news: "Spurred by an earlier piece in the Post, House Democrats plan to hold a hearing at the end of July to look into the veep's role in policy moves that led to the massive die-off of Klamath River salmon in 2002". Speaking of Big Oil, Darth’s friends at Exxon/Mobil are being sued by New York State. You gotta' problem wid' 'dat??

In our Enviro Show Echo Chamber we echo the words of former Green Party candidate for the office of the Guv, Jill Stein on the proposed creation of...are you ready?... a Developer-Government in Massachusetts! And, we segway into tonights’ topic with this piece from AlterNet that takes us right to Nestle’s so-called "good life":"Rural communities exploited by Nestle for your bottled water". By the way, Tuesday, July 31 at 1:00 p.m. there’s a meeting of the Fisheries & Wildlife Board about giving Nestle access to the Montague Plain for testing. PROTEST!!!

Our Blog Bonus Special this week is a summer viewing spectacular! Checkout "Flushie's Summer Vacation". Coming to a monitor near you!

"Veolia" by Tom Neilson from his "Only Outlaws will be Free" disc takes us to our segment on Nestle's intentions for the Montague Plain and the water issues involved in that corporate scheme and we'll field a call from Tim Simmons, Restoration Ecologist with Mass Wildlife.

Then it's on to the Bus Stop Billboard:

Thursday, July 26, from 3 to 8 p.m. MassCentral Rail Trail Coalition events. A walking tour of downtown, a biking tour of the path network being developed, a dinner meeting at the Northampton Brewery-- and an update about what is going on across the state the longest possible rail trail in New England. Call 413-575-2277 or email:

Tuesday, July 31;1:00 p.m. Meeting of the Fisheries & Wildlife Board. PROTEST!!! Nestle is talking with MassWildlife to obtain permission to enter the Montague Plains Wildlife Management Area and perform a site investigation. This investigation would culminate in a long term pumping test well to "stress the aquifer" and see how it reacts in order to determine its long term sustainable yield. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Regional Office, 300 Westgate Drive off Rte 116 and Rte 9, Hadley.

Saturday, August 4; 11 a.m., Greenfield Town Common. Vigil and speak-out to mark the beginning of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Remembrance Week: a time to honor those who died and suffered due to the U.S. atomic bombing of those Japanese cities on August 6 & 9, 1945; For info call, 367-9356.

Sunday, August 5; WALK FOR A NUCLEAR FREE FUTURE-Hiroshima Day to Nagasaki Day - send off in Middlebury, Vermont-- Aug. 5, ending in Burlington, Aug 9. For contact info. Hattie Nestel; 978-249-6224 or Deb Katz 413-339-5781.

We hope to go out with Mos Def's "New World Water", if we can find a copy that has all those nasty words bleeped out. Goddess knows, we wouldn't want to offend anyone.....right?

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