Friday, May 25, 2007

The Valley "Clean Energy" Plan Enviro Show

Jean’s off to Germany this week to do battle with the G8. As G8 leaders meet in Germany, masked behind fences and soldiers, intent on leading us further towards catastrophic and irreversible climate chaos now’s the time to take direct action and shut them and their climate criminal industry friends down. June 8 is the International Day of Action Against Climate Change and the G8 called by the Rising Tide Network. Closer to home, we have a look at The Valley Clean Energy Plan. Jana Chicoine, spokesperson for Concerned Citizens of Russell returns to these microphones to discuss that. Also, hopefully, a call-in from David Kroodsma, an Amherst resident biking across country on the Ride for Climate, but first, as always, it’s time for....Revenge of the Critters! The BEST EVER!!! Sparrow dumps on the Emperor! Footage here!

Then it's on to the Enviro Show Echo Chamber: From the New York Times, capitalism in action! Oil Industry Says Biofuel Push May Hurt at Pump. AND, you’re gonna’ love this one from Vermont TV: Snowmobiler to testify about global warming on Capitol Hill. Ha! It really IS the Age of Irony. Here's an Enviro Show Blog Exclusive: The Cape Cod Times reports that the Guv is considering privatizing even MORE of the Commonwealth's coastline! Apparently the concept of energy co-ops and municipal power companies isn't on Patricks mind. Hmmm, must be all that corporate training.

What’s that sound, Glen? It’s the Darth Cheney theme! What a surprize!. What’s the countdown, anyway? OK, these guys are so vile it defies belief. We’ve linked to an interview on Democracy Now! about the Bush regime’s trashing of science and stonewalling on solutions to the climate crisis, and we’ve talked here on past shows about their efforts to undermine climate action at the G8. Here’s a Reuters follow-up piece, Spineless Dems beg Bush to be nice...err...maybe that’s not really the headline. AND, would you believe it? "Environmental enforcement has declined under Bush, says new report". ALSO, checkout the Indymedia Climate site for fascinating news on climate crisis politics, like how the present legislation proposed in Congress is too little, too late. Attention Kryptonians, get with the plan!! Finally, maybe pious King George and the far-right bible-bangers will appreciate this one: Greenpeace rebuilds the arc!. Hey, that might come in handy!

"Rockets", by Cat Power takes us to our interview. Joining us once again is Jana Chicoine, spokesperson for Concerned Citizens of Russell and the Pioneer Valley Preservation Coalition to talk about the The Pioneer Valley Clean Energy Plan. We invited the authors and proponents of the plan onto the show but after agreeing to join us they withdrew last week citing the following reasons (it’s multiple choice time, listeners: choose which one you like best!): 1) a schedule conflict; 2)won’t appear without the one w/the schedule conflict; 3) fear of ambush!

Hmm, they might ambush folks down at the pass or on the rightwing noise machine, but we have no such intentions on the Enviro Show. We have conversations, even debates, but ambushes? We don’t think least not yet. By the way, for a sence of the ongoing debate between proponents and opponents of the Energy Plan checkout the Advocate blog. OK, for openers, what’s with all of the players here using the term, "Pioneer Valley"? My dictionary says pioneers are "a person who is among the first to enter or settle a region". Does that describe the immigrants who pushed the Pocumtucks and Norowotucks out of this valley?

Once again we checkout the Bus Stop Billboard:

Wednesday, May 30, 7-9pm. PIONEER VALLEY COALITION TO CHANGE & CHALLENGE WAL-MART. Porter Lounge (3rd Floor) or another room, Converse Hall, Amherst College, Rts 116 & 9, Amherst. Contact Dan Clifford, Wake Up Wal-Mart, 732-6209 x14

Sat, June 2, Noon. Join us at Wells Fountain for a coordinated Die In!! Wells Fountain, Linden and Main St, Brattleboro, VT. Show what it could be like if there was a catastrophic event at Vermont Yankee. For the full 3-5 minute test, people will stop their activities and freeze or fall to the ground. A group will be meeting at 11 am at the Harmony parking lot to walk through downtown and distribute literature and talk with people about what is going to be happening.
Contact Daniel Sicken 802-387-2798 or email

Friday 8th June 2007; International Day of Direct Action against Climate Change and the G8. Direct Action for Climate Justice – Resistance is Self-Defense! Go to: and

Saturday, June 9, 2007, 10 - 7pm. RiverFest 2007- Celebrating Energy That's Clean & Green; Shelburne Falls, MA. There will be street musicians and vendors, singing and storytelling, children's games, a mask- and puppet-making workshop (you don't have to be a kid!) leading up to the fabulous "Frog & Flower Parade" PLUS this year's "Quilting Challenge," art contests, trolley rides, fly-tying demonstrations, book, tag and bake sales, and much, much more.

Sunday, June 10, 11am. Flower Festival Ceremony. New England Peace Pagoda, 100 Cave Hill Road, Leverett. Reawakening our highest purpose for life on this precious Earth. Call (413)367-2202.

Sunday, June 10, 1pm. Brushy Mountain Hike. Meet at Leverett Elementary School on Montague Road. Sponsored by the Rattlesnake Gutter Trust.

OK, that's it for us (are we fired?). Next time it's The Endangered Species Enviro Show, something all of us may relate to soon enough, ey? Remember: listen to your Mother AND to us, same bat channel, same bat time!

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