Monday, April 30, 2007

Rising Tide Road Show's Climate Action Tour

The Rising Tide Road Show's Climate Action Tour is coming to Western Massachusetts! Performances will be May 11th at 7 p.m. at Food for Thought Books in downtown Amherst and May 12th at noon on the front steps of the Unitarian Universalist Church between City Hall and Pulaski Park.

Rising Tide North America is traveling throughout the nation in a vegetable oil powered bus talking with communities about the impacts of climate change and what can be done to fight it. Using music, theater, and multimedia presentations, the Climate Action Tour will cover a wide range of topics including: an overview of how climate change is impacting the human and natural world; the new coal rush; debunking false solutions to climate change; international opposition to the fossil fuel industry; environmental justice; and creative actions communities can take.

Rising Tide North America is part of an international network dedicated to fighting the root causes of climate change. In the past year Rising Tide North America has organized civil disobedience against a coal power plant; a nationwide bike ride on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina; and a grassroots counter-summit to the G8 climate talks in Mexico City. See for more information.

Local sponsors of the event include NOFA- Northeast Organic Farming Association, Citizens Awareness Network, Pedal People, Coop Power, The Enviro Show, The Bicycle Kitchen, Earthlands, The Montview Neighborhood Farm, Smith College Students for Social Justice and Institutional Change and Mass Bike-Pioneer Valley Chapter.

Ruthy Woodring from Pedal People, a Northampton based bicycle powered hauling service, says: "We can slow climate change but it's going to take fun hard work, like bicycling." Pedal power, real conservation, lifestyle change, direct action, all these and more will be necessary to effectively confront the climate crisis. The Rising Tide Road Show's Climate Action Tour will help make that possible. Events are family friendly and accessible.

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