Thursday, September 28, 2006

Architect of George Bush's Rollback of Environmental Laws to Hold “Listening Session” in Northampton

When George W. Bush entered office, he appointed chief timber industry lobbyist Mark Rey to oversee our nation's National Forest and gut our nation's environmental laws.

Mark Rey has been instrumental in opening the last 60 million acres of intact wild forests on our national forest system to logging and road construction

As a part of a national initiative to weaken our nations environmental laws, Undersecretary of Agriculture Mark Rey is hosting "listening sessions" to promote legislation that would roll back our nation's environmental laws like the endangered species act and clean water act.

In their place the administration would create “cooperative conservation legislation” which would allow industry to create their own voluntary regulations and tax incentives.

Undersecretary Rey will host a "listening session" in Northampton at 1 pm, Friday, September 29th at the Hotel Northampton. Be there. Give the Bush adminsitration something to listen to.

The Pioneer Valley Forest Council will host gather the night before to plan for the meeting. Please attend. Even if you can't - come to the "listening session" and speak out for our nations environmental laws!

Tell them that you support strong environmental laws, including the Endangered Species Act, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and forest protection laws and that you do not want to see them weakened or replaced by voluntary programs.

Come to our planning meeting the night before at:
7pm Thursday, September 28 at 181 Main Street, Northampton, Suite 2
(to the right of Haymarket).

Sponsored by The Pioneer Valley Forest Coalition and
The Heritage Forests Campaign
For more information go to:
or call 268-2016

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