Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cape Wind proponents in bed with the enemies of the Earth

Proponents of the Cape Wind project, the industrial windfarm proposed for public waters in Nantucket Sound off the coast of Massachusetts, are now supported by the far-right anti-environment Bush regime. Why? Could it have something to do with future placement of offshore oil-drilling? Duh!

Here's the story from the Boston Globe:

>>US official opposes Cape Wind measure
Calls it unwise to give state veto
By Stephanie Ebbert, Globe Staff | May 6, 2006

The Bush administration weighed in on behalf of the wind farm project proposed off the Cape and Islands yesterday, urging Congress to drop a measure that would allow the governor of Massachusetts to block the controversial project.

In a strongly worded letter dated Thursday, Under Secretary of Energy David K. Garman called the measure backed by US Senator Edward M. Kennedy unwise and said it could threaten future renewable energy projects that the administration hopes to foster.

"More broadly, singling out wind generation in this manner could have a chilling impact on the continued investment and growth of this promising renewable energy resource," Garman wrote to the House and Senate chairmen of the committees involved with the legislation.

The statement put the Bush administration at odds with Kennedy and Governor Mitt Romney, who oppose the offshore wind farm, which would be the first in the nation.

Under the measure backed by Kennedy, the governor would be given the authority to block the project, even though it would be built in federal waters.<<

So, forget about State control over future oil rigs off the Massachusetts coast in PUBLIC WATERS (remember the theft of the commons?). If Cape Wind and its supporters have their way, future oil rigs off the Massachusetts coast may be a shoe-in.

If Cape Wind proponents think they have just had some sort of victory, think again! Their pyrrhic victory will come back to bite them in the ass as the proposals for renewed offshore oil drilling continue to increase. Big Oil just LOVES Big Wind!

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Speaking of renewed oil-drilling off the coast, this from Grist:

U.S. lawmakers see offshore drilling near Cuba and feel left out

The U.S. has a years-old ban against offshore drilling in the Florida Straits, but it looks like the area might get drilled anyway -- by Cuba. The island country has rights to resources in half of the straits under a 1977 agreement, which President Bush renewed for two years in December. Instead of drilling on its own, Cuba is negotiating with other countries to extract resources -- most notably, China and India. U.S. drill-mongers are none too happy. "Red China should not be left to drill for oil within spitting distance of our shores without competition from U.S. industries," said Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho). Commie-baiting! How retro. Craig and a handful of other lawmakers are pushing to end the coastal-drilling ban, saying it will be a step toward energy independence and help lower prices. Drilling opponents say environmental risks are high, long-term conservation would be more effective, and, since oil is traded on the world market, U.S. gas prices would be unaffected.

straight to the source: The New York Times, Michael Janofsky, 09 May 2006