Friday, February 03, 2006

The Enviro Name the REAL Terrorists Show

Rob Skelton & friends join us this week to rock the REAL terrorists into oblivion (we wish). We’ll parse the definition of terrorist, as opposed to eco-TERRA-ists and have a comparative look at their deeds. There'll be talk about government surveillance there at the top of the hour as well. First they sneak around and spy on you, then they come crashing thru your door: it’s freedom on the march!

But first the news: Remember George’s sorry-ass State of the Union Address in which he stated "the U.S. would cut its Middle East oil imports 75 percent by 2025"? Errrrr! There’s the buzzer! Sorry, the real answer is: he lied! Energy Secretary Bodman had to perform some damage repair the very next day saying he didn’t mean that, it was "just an example". Yes! It was a perfect example of the Repugnican Scheme Machine! Checkout the story here.

Big Brother is Spying on Environmental Groups. Responding to ACLU FOIA requests filed in 20 states on behalf of more than 150 organizations and individuals, the government has released documents that reveal monitoring and infiltration by the FBI and local law enforcement, targeting political, environmental, anti-war and faith-based groups. Checkout Earthbeat Radio's piece on this story here in the land of the free.

We've got some serious music this week picked up from our friends over at Axis of Justice Radio Network. Two must hears are "Guns of Brixton" by Camille of Nouvelle Vague, and we close with "Get out of Iraq" by Simple Fears.

Sooooo, who ARE the terrorists, anyway? The thugs in black body armor crashing through your door ‘cuz you posted names and addresses on your website of people who torture animals? How about a foreign army invading your nation for oil and empire, killing and maiming half your family? Maybe a government that sits on its hands while you starve and dehydrate on your roof in the middle of a flood? People who cut medical benefits to poor children and old people? Let’s talk about this! Remember last time we read you that quote from Senator Inhofe comparing the ELF and ALF to Al Qaeda? This guy can’t be for real! How about these feds claiming enviro sab groups are America’s #1 domestic terrorist threat! WEAK!

On Bus Stop Billboard this week there's still some interesting programs over at the Hitchcock Nature Center in Amherst. Also, we're coming up on the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, you remember: the war for oil & empire? On Saturday, February 18 on the Amherst Town Common from 1:45pm on, there will be a Memorial for Gregory Levey & Community Gathering to end the US war in Iraq. Western Mass folks may recall 15 years ago on February 18, 1991 (President's Day), Gregory Levey took his life in a public act against the Gulf War. He wrote "PEACE" on a placard, set an American flag on fire and then immolated himself on the Amherst town common. Today, we remain trapped in the same war Greg resisted 15 years ago. Millions more are dead. The same regime is in the White House. Well.....that sucks!

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